Wednesday 13 March 2013

A whole new world.

Sometimes I love the words that fashion takes inspiration from. Like ‘jewel-tones’. I’m a fan of jewel-toned clothes because I know darker shades are more flattering on my paleness (they also hide all manner of sins, unlike my arch nemesis... PASTELS). But also because the expression sounds so delightfully opulent – it makes me feel like my wardrobe is an Aladdin’s cave of wonders. See, isn’t that a much more interesting way of saying ‘I like greens and blues and purples and reds.’ SO MUCH NICER.

Of course, now I keep finding items that are Aladdin-esque, so it's THEMED WISHLIST TIME. I know how you love these. (You do, right? RIGHT?)

The evening dresses from Goddiva are totally opulent and amazing. Couldn't you picture a smokin' hot lady genie working the heck out of this number?


Look! You could make your nails look like an Aladdin's Cave! JUST TELL ME THAT ISN'T AMAZING.

OPI Save Me via eBay (Image from Nailed Blog)

I'm more of a delicate, tiny jewellery person but I keep watching my friends in their giant chunky beads and feeling a bit jealous. Giant ruby and diamond pendant, anyway?


THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING. I'm not sure I'd ever WEAR them, but it's okay because AMAZING.

Irregular Choice Court Shoes from Spartoo Shoes

If I'm going to mention Aladdin, I can't miss out Princess Jasmine... which just makes me think of one of my favourite bloggers, the real life Princess Jazmine. Isn't Jaz the prettiest?

Yeah, so after last month’s Little Mermaid themed wishlist, I’ve realised I seem to have become a bit Disney-inspired. I honestly have no idea what to feature for next month’s Dumbo post. You know, I joke, but now I am starting to think of ideas for loads of other Disney films, this feature could run and run...

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  1. oh sarah, you are far too kind. thank-you so much for the mention <3 i wish i was a princess!

    i love this post, such a good idea! you'd look amazing in jewel emerald and turquoise, it would compliment your hair beautifully!

    i was talkin' about disney princesses briefly earlier on twitter. who is your favourite? mine has to be belle!


  2. Aww, that photo of Jazmine is so beautiful - heading over to her blog right now to leave her some love :)
    Definitely do more Disney wishlists! x

  3. I like all your choices! Jaz is the prettiest princess in all the land.



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