Wednesday 6 March 2013

What's cookin', good lookin'?

So, I have Weight Watchers on Monday nights and found out this week that I'd lost another 1lb - that's 15 1.2lbs in total since 7th January, not too shabby. :) I'm pleased. There's part of me that wishes it was a little quicker but as long as it's coming off, bit by bit, I'm happy.

Anyway, I touched on this a little while ago but I've been cooking a lot more since I started WW. I love the fact that I've barely had a ready meal since I started! Ready meals are fine when you are busy and stressed but ultimately they are not a great choice all the time - they tend to have a lot of salt and other things in like chemicals and preservatives. And unless they're the POSH ones, often they're not very flavourful (especially the low fat ones) which means I tend to add MORE salt and that ain't good, kids. Also, they work out expensive!

Instead I've been cooking from scratch and freezing portions which means I have my very own homemade ready meals whenever I fancy them! It's made a huge difference, not just to my waistline but also to generally how I FEEL. I'm so aware of the fact that I know what I'm eating and that I'm eating like a billion portions of fruit and veg every day. Hooray!

Here are the recipes I've tried lately - I can totally vouch for all of them, especially the Spag Bol and the Lasagne - they taste even better reheated! You also might recognise low fat versions of a couple of recipes I posted here, like my boozy tomatoey pasta and my cheating carbonara.

Low Fat Lasagne
Guilt Free Carbonara
Diet Friendly Fajitas
Spaghetti Bolognese
Turkey Spinach Pasta Bake
Spinach & Bacon Gnocchi
Stuffed Mushrooms & Sweet Potato Mash

I am constantly looking for more WW recipes to try so if anyone has posted any or knows of any great blogs, let me know! I love SkinnyTaste but all the recipes have to be converted to English measurements and the US Points system is a little different, so it's a bit of a pain. That said, I want to make almost everything she posts!

Mmmmm... TASTY.


  1. That's an amazing weight loss! You've done so well. I might join WW now! Haha :) Well if I don't I will definitely try those recipes - the boozy pasta sounds delish!
    I need to get into the habit of making large batches and freezing them, just need to grab some freezer bags and get started! xx

    Made In A Cup

  2. The carbonara sounds delicious, I should definitely give that one a go, especially as I tend to eat it a lot and on my student budget I should be stepping away from the ready meals...thanks for sharing these recipes and well done on your weight loss!

  3. Yum, these all look delicious. I have to admit I've never really had ready meals, but I also need to add some more recipes to my repertoire as I tend to cook the same things.

  4. This looks delicious, I tend to have very boring meals during the week, need to be more varied!

    Maria xxx


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