Sunday 17 March 2013

Day in, day out.

I think one of the nicest parts about blogging is when you are able to use it to spoil other people. I do pass on beauty samples and often use credit or vouchers to buy gifts for other people but it’s rare to be able to give someone else the full experience of being blogger-pampered! After giving my Mum a taste recently, I got to share the love even more with her on Mother’s Day, thanks to Westfield London. They contacted me and asked if I wanted to treat her to a lovely day out doing whatever she fancied with a £100 Westfield voucher, and of course she was up for it.

Neither of us had been to Westfield London before, but the trip to Shepherd’s Bush from St Albans was so easy! The trick is to go via West Hampstead – it took less than 45 minutes. I feel like the Stratford Westfield is a bit more high street than the Shepherd’s Bush one, but there were still lots of shops within our budget. I'd tried to prepare for loads of walking by wearing Converse trainers but I wasn't anywhere near as tired as usual - could have just worn normal shoes!

After taking Mum shopping so recently, she didn’t really need a new outfit (I mean, that’s never stopped ME...) but instead said what she’d really like is some help on applying makeup. She doesn’t really wear it, and as she wears glasses, can’t really see well enough without them to do much experimentation. Originally we headed to the Benefit counter in Boots – there’s a Benefit store in St Albans and they’re great at giving you hints on makeup and have some fab little kits, I thought they’d be perfect. But the girl working the counter didn’t seem very interested in helping us at all, and told us to come back in an hour for an appointment – which we did, to find out the girl was gone (and her colleague, rather than offering to help, just told us to wait for a bit). In the end we gave up – but boo to you, Benefit! Rubbish customer service.

INSTEAD, we went to House of Fraser and to the Clinique counter. I was so impressed with the girl who helped us – super helpful, super patient and also very laid back. I hate when you get your makeup done and then get given the hard sell, coming away with £200 worth of makeup you don’t really need. Instead, the Clinique lady showed a few products and made recommendations for a few products to start with rather than buying the whole counter straight off. Mum came away with the powder, the chubby stick, the concealer and the mascara.

Mum got a massage at Massage Angels and then we did some wandering for a bit, before heading to Wahaca which had always been my fiendish plan. I think you all know by now that I LOVE food, and when I try a lovely restaurant I get obsessed about getting everyone else to try it too – and I knew that both my parents would love Wahaca as much as I do. And I was right. :) It’s just so TASTY.

We both had a really lovely day out, and my favourite part was when Mum turned to me and said ‘Sarah, I’ve had SUCH a lovely day.’ So worthwhile! So thank you, Westfield, for letting me give my Mum a fabulous Mother’s Day (and for giving me a great day out, too!). The gift voucher scheme at Westfield is brilliant - I loved that you can use it to do anything onsite at Westfield from a meal out to a shopping spree to a beauty treatment - what an awesome gift!


  1. Aw, that is so lovely! Makes me want to treat my mum lol. Looks like you two had a fab day! x

    Made In A Cup

  2. Aww, what a lovely day. I really want to take my mum out somewhere, I don't get to spend that much one on one time with her, so something like this would be nice. Maybe not all the way to Westfield - that's FAAAR.

  3. Looks like a great day out :) Shame about the bad customer service; that really irks me when people are rude when you are obviously interested in their products! x

  4. OOoh, I love Wahaca- I tried CACTUS and loved it!
    I loved this post- your mum looks like she had a lovely time and your affection for her shows in it! How lovely!
    (Lovely to meet you via the way! I've come via Norbury links in people's posts!)x


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