Wednesday 27 March 2013

The cat's in the cradle.

I used to be all about the skirts, and then dresses kind of took over. In truth, dresses are easier - they're an outfit in themselves, they hang nicely and, well, they're just awesome. But lately, I'm getting back into skirts, especially when I'm just pootling about at the weekend. I think the fashion magazines call this kind of look sports luxe on account of how I'm wearing a hoody and trainers but with a SKIRT. It's fashion, people. Not COMFORT, oh no. The fact that it is comfortable is but a COINCIDENCE OF FASHION.

Top c/o Skip 'n' Whistle | Hat - H&M | Hoody - GAP | Skirt - New Look | Converse Trainers c/o Spartoo

I'm a bit in love with this top that Skip 'n' Whistle sent me though, because I totally AM a crazy cat lady. Cats just seem to like me more than they do other people. As do small children, though, so I can't tell if I'm doomed to become a crazy spinster or have five million kids. Can you be both? Possibly, because I'm pretty sure I'll always be a bit crazy.

I'm just drawn to things that are a bit silly. I've just purchased one of these awesome mobile cases from Mobile Madness. The cuteness! It's a penguin! I'm going to take it into important meetings at work and people there, they will JUDGE ME.

Next I am going to buy this adorable bag and everyone will be like 'Sarah. You know that you are THIRTY, right?' And I'll be like, 'Yes, yes I do. And I will still have stupid accessories when I am SIXTY, and I will wear giant sunglasses and dress a bit like a yeti in womens shearling coats (oh yes) you will be sad that you are not as awesome as me.'

Yeah... being crazy's not so bad, really.

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  1. Love this skirt and that top is AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love the top, and I saw that bag in store the other day and really had to hold myself back from buying it! Spending ban, doncha know. Roll the eff on, Easter.

  3. I can't decide if i love that bag or if it's a bit creepy, I think it's the eyes xxx

  4. Love this outfit, love the red colour of the skirt on you. You and Sarah are inspiring me to wear Converse more too, love them in casual outfits like these! That fox bag is amazing, I totally feel your pain with the being judged on the accessories/clothing thing though, I attribute my being IDed for alcohol all the time to my youthful looks but it's probably more likely the fact that most of the time I dress like a 16 year old. xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. You look amazing in the skirt, I love skirts but always look awful ha! The penguin case is cuteeeeee!! I have it in purple. Only downside is it always gets caught in my pocket ha!

  6. But..but...but but I'm a crazy cat lady too! Want.


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