Friday 15 March 2013

And it was all yellow.

You caught me, I featured this cardigan last week, too. I'm completely obsessed with it. I love cardigans probably more than is normal, but I wear them every single day and am incredibly fussy about nice ones. Round necks don't suit me, nor do those that are too long or cropped. For the longest time, every cardi out there was practically knee length and it was a nightmare. Thank goodness the classic cuts have returned.

It's no secret that I love this red winey colour (nor is it a secret that I love red wine) but I did wonder when I bought this if it would go with many of my clothes because a lot of them actually ARE this colour. Turns out - yes! So many of my dresses are autumnal or jewel tones and all these muted tones compliment each other perfectly. When I wore this green lace dress for the first time, I considered emulating this New Girl look (I just need to buy some blue shoes and a belt) but instead trialled it with this and loved it! Unfortunately it ended up covered up most of the day as I was at the Witch Skincare Flawless Friends event, wearing a rather fetching bowling shirt, but underneath it, trust me, I looked cute.

Clashing terribly is this yellow Pepe Jeans bag that I picked up from Spartoo with my February vouchers. It's a great size for being out all day, although as it's nice and big means that I can stuff it full of things, meaning it is HEAVY. I have a secret fondness for yellow, but as it doesn't suit me at ALL, I have to let it out in accessories.

I've barely mentioned the dress! I picked it up in the New Look sale back in January, and it just fits beautifully. There's not much else to say really? It's just bloody nice.

Dress & Boots - New Look
Belt - Topshop
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Handbag c/o  Spartoo
Tights - Primark


  1. So in love with that belt! Is it a recent purchase?

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I think you should definitely buy blue shoes and emulate the New Girl look! x

  3. Love, love, LOVE the colour co-ordination here. I adore red wine and wine-coloured clothes too. You look great. :)

    Good Brooking.


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