Monday 11 March 2013

So fitting, so fitting of the way you are.

I’ve always loved perfume (one of the very first blog posts on here is about it, in fact) even though I always think of it as rather a decadent treat. It always seems ever so expensive, even though if you break the ‘cost per wear’ down lasts when you’re wearing it every single day, it must be pennies, surely. I just think it’s fascinating how everyone has such different tastes and even how some perfumes smell completely different on other people.

I was a lucky girl and got a few bottles of perfumes for my birthday. Whereas previously I’ve been in the habit of wearing the same scent to death, now I’m mixing and matching which is much more interesting. And, it means that although my birthday was back in July, I still have plenty of perfume left – enough to last me until the next birthday, I think!

Nina Ricci Les Belles de Ricci Liberty Fizz
I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to keep perfumes longer than a year or two, but I’ve had this for over five years. I’m obsessed with this perfume, but it was discontinued quite a long time ago. For a while, you could find it in weird little independent perfume shops, and for a bit longer on, but now you’d be lucky to find a miniature at an extortionate price on eBay! I stocked up, but it’s running out fast. This perfume smells exactly like fizzy raspberries. Green, fresh but ever so girlie. I wish it would come back.

Vera Wang Princess
I love this perfume! It’s quite sweet and girlie, but reminds me of beautifully scented talcum powder. It’s one of those scents that stays with you all day, and because it’s quite strong, I must confess I think of it as more of an evening than a daytime scent. But it’s just lovely – the bottle is ever so pretty and it always makes me smile when I wear it.

Chanel Chance
I bought this on eBay to replace a bottle that smashed, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s fake, which is upsetting. It’s on my list to replace as soon as I can! But the authentic version of this scent is delicate and ageless – fresh and Spring-like with floral tones. I bought this because I tried it on my wrist and got some on my coat sleeve – I couldn’t get enough of how yummy my coat smelled!

Chloe L’Eau de Chloe
This is not a very me scent, but I adore it. I noticed my friend Amelia wearing it in Lisbon last year and asked about it – it reminded me of a Sunflower scented body spray that Boots Natural Collection used to do. It’s one of the only perfumes I wear that my Mum likes – we have completely opposite tastes!

Nina Ricci: Nina
Ah, an attempt to recover my lost Nina love! This perfume doesn’t smell like Liberty Fizz, but it does smell lovely. Also, it’s usually not too expensive – always a plus! The bottle is super pretty and the scent reminds me of sweeties – yummy.

Writing this post makes me feel quite perfume spoiled – I have so many more than I thought! Next up, I’m desperate for another bottle of Chanel Chance, and I think I’m going to have to buy some more Chloe on Fragrance Direct when it runs out (which will surely be soon!).

What perfumes do you wear regularly? I’d love more recommendations.

Written in collaboration with Fragrance Direct


  1. I've always been a one-perfume kind of girl. I seem to wear the same one for a few years and then want to find something new. I'm currently on JPG after spending years wearing Dune by Dior.

  2. Yay Fall Out Boy lyrics!
    I love perfume bottles, almost more than actual perfume..

    Jesss xo

  3. Ooh we have very similar perfume tastes! I adore Vera Wang's Princess and Chanel's Chance, and the Nina Ricci scent has been on my to-buy list for ages. I hardly ever buy perfume for myself for some reason, might have to finally buy it in duty-free (obviously) on Thursday! x


    God. Girl, you have to stop busting out these fob lyrics. You're killing me

  5. I save me Boots points for perfume - it IS a very expensive accessory! I saved for two years to buy Chanel Chance, and it was worth every agonising 'new lipstick or keep saving?' dilemma!

  6. I'm a Nina girl too. I only really "discovered" perfume a year or so ago, and started as I meant to go on by purchasing Fantasy for myself. Cue addiction!

    Good Brooking

  7. I wear Amor Amor by Cachel every day and I have done since I was 16. It's the best perfect I have ever worn.
    My evening perfumes vary a lot more though. I've got the Morroccan Rose fom The Body Shop which is a very subtle smell. Then I have Armani Code by Armani and my personal favourite is my Jean Paul Guittier Classique bottle with an inscription from my parents on the back.

  8. Great post :) I love Roberto Cavalli, Eau de Parfum, I think you'd love it for the talcum-powder-like smell! Also love DIOR, J`Adore (my wedding scent) and a really rare Salvador Dali, Laguna - the bottle is fabulous on any bedroom dresser!

  9. Chloe is my signature scent but I adore Classique, the first proper perfume I bought!

    Maria xxx

  10. Liberty Fizz!! I was fairly distraught when it was discontinued, so much so that I got slightly overemotional with the perfume lady at the local department shop and she let me buy an almost full tester bottle for half price! There just hasn't been anything to match it in the fresh/sweet stakes for me. I did manage to get my mitts on a shower gel via eBay last year but it cost me £20 plus postage (worth every penny) and was gone in six months . . . . So nice to find someone who is just as obsessed with it!

    Jem xXx

  11. Sarah, have you ever tried Pink Sugar by Aquolina? It's a US perfume but you can find it here online - I love it, it smells like cotton candy and strawberries :)


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