Monday 15 July 2013


Over Christmas, I went to a fancy party with work. When we were getting ready, the girls and I were having jewellery debates and suddenly the question was asked: ‘Do you ALWAYS wear that ring?’

It’s so funny, when you wear something constantly, people stop noticing it. I’ve worn this little silver ring every day since I was 16, when my Mum gave it to me as it used to be hers. It’s seen me through GCSEs, A-Levels, university, countless jobs. It’s been there when I used to wear silver rings on every finger, the only one that remains. For almost half my life, this ring has been part of me. It’s not even that I won’t take it off – I can’t take it off. It’s locked onto my chubby little finger for dear life.

When I have THAT conversation with people, they always look a bit concerned about blood flow and sensible things like that. But look – if my finger WAS going to fall off, don’t you think it would have happened at least once in the 14 years that I’ve worn this ring? Unless it’s the only thing stopping my finger falling off. That’s a very realistic possibility.

I thought a lot about writing a blog about the things I wear every day, but after I ticked ‘ring’ and ‘watch’ off my list, I was stumped. There are bags I use a lot (my brown Italian leather has been in constant use for the last two years) and shoes I can’t stop wearing like my ballet pumps that are falling apart, but every day? I think only the ring and the watch count.

My watch is fairly new. I’d worn the same Storm watch every day since my 21st birthday, and when I turned 30 my brother and sister chipped in to give me the money to buy a new one. After six full months of deliberating, I picked this Ted Baker one up from Debenhams just before Christmas. Unlike the ring, I’m quite aware of it – it was almost uncomfortably tight when I first got it, but now it’s slipping and sliding all over the place because I’ve lost so much weight. I’m torn though, as part of me likes it a little loose.

I do love it, though. The watch I’m desperate for is this Gucci number, but as an affordable alternative, this will do pretty much perfectly.

What are your Always Items? Do YOU think my finger is going to fall off?

Outfit Credits
Dress – New Look

Cardigan - Debenhams
Timeless Peep Toes c/o Spartoo


  1. I know. You'll be at my show.... Sorry, couldn't resist. I did wonder about that ring, and I used to be the same with my silver 'C'. Over the years though, I've been collecting jewellery gifts to mark many an occasion- birthdays, graduations, achievements, and so I stopped wearing just one piece each day. I love jewellery because it's a forever thing, that you can use and enjoy every day, and I like to wear all of mine, it just doesn't all work together. Shame really.

  2. I recently found a ring I got when I was 16. My parents went on holiday and left me with their credit card 'FOR EMERGENCIES'. So I used it to buy a T in the Park ticket and scooted off for a weekend of disgusting beer and sunburnt noses and wearing all of my clothes at the same time, as was the alternative fashion back then. Thanks unknowing parents! While there, I bought a silver ring - a band of daisies. My parents nearly named me Daisy but my Mum went mad for some reason and changed her mind at the last minute (you'll never be forgiven Mum). I've been wearing it again every day since I came across it. It reminds me of such naughty times...

  3. I forget about the things I wear everyday, too. I wear a ring on the middle finger of each hand - I never take them off after accidentally dropping one (typically the more expensive of the two) down my sink last year! x

  4. awesome rings yrrrrr.
    ref. with my all frndzzzzzzzzzzz....................

  5. The only things I wear every day are my tattoos, and I'm pretty sure they don't count. And, yes, I think your finger might fall off. If it does will you put the ring on a different finger?

  6. The only things I wear every day are my diabetes bracelet and my watch. When I forgot my watch the other day, I just kept looking at my wrist forlornly as I had kept forgetting that I had forgotten it!

    Maria xxx


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