Monday 8 July 2013

Food, glorious food.

One thing I rarely hear people talking about post-Glastonbury is the food… which is AMAZING. Every year I’m blown away by the variety and the quality. You name it, you can get it at Glasto. One year, my friend even got an alligator burger. ALLIGATOR. WHAT.

This year, I decided to document some of my best meals. The people need to know, man. They need to know.

Tor Rugby Club Fajitas
The fajita stand is as much a part of Glasto as the Pyramid stage. It’s run by the local rugby club to raise funds, although whereas a few years ago the staff actually LOOKED like rugby players, now they all seem to be ladies. So maybe they’re doing that well, they’re outsourcing. Or maybe I shouldn’t assume that the ladies aren’t rugby players. They could be! Anyway. The fajitas are all lovely and fresh – the perfect antidote to all the fried rubbish floating around. The chicken creole? A thing of beauty. Yum.

Oli's Halloumi Cones
Try and get a halloumi cone at Glastonbury on the Sunday, and you're either facing a mile-long queue or no halloumi at all. This stand is crazy popular. It's basically a wrap, filled with salad tossed with a yummy mint dressing, topped with deep fried halloumi and a choice of sauce - sweet chilli, citrus mayo, or the obvious choice... garlic mayo. Yum. It's SO good and even though it's topped with deep fried cheese, it tastes like a pretty healthy option even though it totally isn't. But the salad at least feels like you're eating something good. And the deep fried halloumi definitely TASTES like something good. God, I wish I had some right now.

This year, pulled pork was bloomin' everywhere. Over the last two years it's become a major trend and that was reflected in the food stalls. I was advised to try out Grillstock by Hayley, as it's a well known purveyor of meat in the Bristol area. It was so good! Sadly they'd run out of BBQ sauce when I rocked up, but the meat was moist, flavourful and super tasty. Which is saying a lot, as I'm a girl who likes her food saucy.

Yeo Valley Fro Yo
Usually at Glasto I get to a point just before it ends where I start feeling poorly. You know - sore throat, the sniffles - that much booze, that little sleep... it's bound to happen. Somehow I got away with it this year, but I still had to indulge in my favourite Glasto sore throat cure - the Yeo Valley stand. Their greek yoghurt and honey frozen yoghurt is a thing of beauty - creamy, sweet and with little swirls of honey throughout it. Yummmm.

Stonebaked Pizza
I love that you can get proper GOOD food at Glastonbury. My friend got this stonebaked pizza and it was a thing of beauty, even topped with rocket and parmesan. Fancy! I've had it before (although not this year) - just as posh as you'd get in a restaurant. As I'm writing this up, I'm now kicking myself for NOT getting one this year... it was amazing.

The Best Gosh Darn Nachos I've Ever Had...
So last Glasto, I had this amazing burrito. It was so good that the friends I was sitting with all jumped up and got their own. This year, I was determined to find it again, and indeed I did. But this time, I was transfixed by the nachos they were advertising... with BEEF BRISKET. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. They were the best nachos I've ever had. And I've had a lot of nachos. They were covered in yummy fresh ingredients - lots of coriander, a drizzle of sour cream, chunky guacomole, super flavourful but not-too-spicy salsa and plenty of fresh chopped tomatoes. THEY WERE LIFE CHANGING. Seriously, I have a policy of not repeating meals at Glasto because the food is all so good, but I had these twice. Next year, I may have them every day. Also, I've discovered they're at LoveBox, where I'm going in a couple of weeks! COME AT ME NACHOS.

...and their burritos aren't bad either. Like I said, the burritos were why I went there anyway. All that's good about the nachos, stuffed in a wrap along with rice and beans. SO GOOD.

Well, it's safe to say that I'm bloody hungry now. What's your best ever festival meal?


  1. The food looks great! I love posts about food! :)

  2. I really want a burrito now. Curse you, Vernon :(

  3. Wow, this food looks pretty gourmet!! Not what I'd expect from an outdoor music festival! I live in Florida and gators are everywhere and I've eaten gator before. I think it's gross. It tastes like chicken that was marinated in lake water.

    Life of Mabel

  4. I would like nachos now... and halloumi... and falafel...and veggie pie and mash.

    Glasto food is the best - so many veggie options too - nice to not be worrying about whether or not the chips you are eating we're fried along with the burgers...

  5. PPOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKSSSSS! I am so glad you understand the mild obsession I have now.

  6. Wow, this is definitely making me more keen on the idea of Glasto 2014... I had no idea the food was so good. All the festivals I went to as a teen had terrible over-priced greasy burgers but at 18 you can survive off of cheap alcohol alone for five days straight! x

  7. OMG I could be converted to a festival goer simply for the halloumi cone! My dream meal/snack/life!

    Kylie //

  8. God I love the food at Glastonbury. I didn't have a halloumi cone this year, much to my devastation. My boyfriend had one of those burritos in the last pic but GOD I WISH I'D HAD THOSE NACHOS!

  9. mmmmm I want it all! I had my first Byron burger and MEATliquor burger at Bestival last year. I normally go to festivals like Reading and Sonisphere where the food is gross so it was nice to go to a festival where all to food wasn't just ikky burger vans and chips.

  10. We went to Oli's and Yeo Valley too!
    I'm pretty sure Oli's is practically an institution at Glastonbury :-)
    The pulled pork from Grillstock looks yummy - I will have to look out for them next year! x

  11. You had me at deep fried halloumi...


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