Friday 19 July 2013

Because we are your friends, and you will never be alone again.

I always want to subvert expectations when I talk about bloggers hanging out. I mean, you all think that it’s all cupcakes, posh cameras, outfit photos and pretty dresses, right? But it’s not like that at ALL.

Ahem. Okay, it’s a little bit like that. I spent last weekend at Sarah’s beautiful new house with some other babes and we had the BEST time. We did spend a lot of time doing cliché blogger things – I mean, that Sarah does have a knack for making exceptionally photogenic baked goods – but to be honest, most of the time was spent chatting and laughing. A lot. (Those are the best weekends, aren’t they? When you don’t remember much of the conversations, only that your face hurt from laughing pretty much the whole time.)

Warwick is a beautiful town, and we had some awesome lunches in shady pub gardens (I’m still thinking about my bacon and watermelon salad from the Lazy Cow). We explored the Castle which is gorgeous and huge – I couldn’t resist the chance to take some outfit photos in the pretty rose garden. This is one of my favourite summer dresses – it’s a couple of years old now, but it still gets wheeled out every year. And we really are having the summeriest of summers, aren’t we? It’s lush, even though I’m melting on a pretty much constant basis.

Dress – Dorothy Perkins
Hat – River Island
Shoes – Primark
Sabrina Leather Backpack  c/o Spartoo

We spent Saturday night at the proms which were amazing! We loaded up our picnic hampers (so many beautiful hampers – I really bloody need one now) with all sorts of M&S goodies and set up a little area with our camping chairs and nibbles. So much fun. None of us could see the stage, but did it matter? The music was just a lovely background to all the gossiping. Plus, there were fireworks! Bloody love fireworks.

Honestly, SUCH a fab weekend. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess, Sarah! And thanks for all the giggles Alex, Char, Rosie, Gem and Roisin! Can we do it again soon, pretty please?



  1. Bloggers make the best friends right?!

  2. oh wow, it sounds wonderful! those are some epic cupcakes!

  3. This looks like such a fun day! Sarah's baking looks amazing as ever. x

  4. This looked like so much fun, I was MASSIVELY jealous!

    Maria xxx


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