Wednesday 24 July 2013

Where did the party go?

This year has gone so ridiculously fast. Somehow it is the end of July, which means that my birthday is around the corner. Always takes me by surprise. I keep getting asked what I want for my birthday and I always end up saying I don’t know. Because I don’t! I can’t think of things! Ah the pressure! I’ve been trying though, and have finally come up with a little list of things that would be super nice to find at the foot of my bed on Monday. Or any day, really.

An iPad
I WANT AN IPAD SO BAD YOU GUYS. I didn’t, for ages, and then I started thinking more about how much I could use it when I was away, and now I really bloody want one. I’m hoping for a few donations towards one from my family. It’d pretty much make my life.

There’s so much I want to read right now! God, books are the BEST. I’m desperate to read Neil Gaiman’s new book, I’d really like to read JK Rowling’s new one and I’m sure there are more that I don’t even know about. Books are just one of the best presents ever.


Most of my perfume stash is almost run out (I swear the remainder of my Vera Wang Princess evaporated in the heat!) so I really want some nice smellies to replace them all.

Flash Gun
I so want a flash gun for my camera. A good friend of mine always uses his at birthday parties and the quality of his pictures are ten times better than mine (and we have the same camera!). It's been on my list for YEARS.

New Dress
Lately I've become a touch obsessed with website gazing for ladies dresses, and I'm currently eyeing this from Bank. I think I can pull off that little cut out! It's so subtle!

Also maybe this dress too.

Sparkly Nailpolish
Mandatory, tbh.

New Music
As much as I heart Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, my ears are crying out for a change. I keep hearing that Arc is excellent, so on the list it goes!

I'm a bit obsessed with buying Converse at the moment, but I'm dying for a less chunky pair. These are from the 'dainty' range - the perfect trainers for dresses!

I know, I know, "I Wants Don't Get" but it's fun to think about, right? What's on your wishlist right now?

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  1. As I'm still working my way through the Actual Mountain of dresses I brought back from Sarah's with me, I really shouldn't be thinking of buying anything more. (But I might be off to pick up my ladybird dress at lunch - eep!)


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