Wednesday 10 July 2013

Got that summertime, summertime sadness.

I love a What's In My Bag post, so I thought it might be fun to do a Glasto themed one. If you hadn't noticed, this is basically Glasto week on the blog. I'M NOT READY TO LET GO YET.

At previous Glastonburys, I've used a satchel style bag - good for the average day out, but after five days of nonstop walking and dancing, my bag shoulder was in agony. So this year, I set about hunting for a decent little backpack - ideally leather (fairly waterproof, and the mud wipes right off!). I love this Sabrina bag that I got from Spartoo - the perfect size, and it's genuinely NICE, unlike lots of other ugly backpacks on the market. Plus it's awesome quality. I'll be using this for years to come.

Anyway. Fancy a peek inside?

Tights - New Look
I always take emergency tights out with me at festivals - you never know when the weather is going to turn, and that extra layer makes all the difference to warmth!

Like I said the other day, all the booze I brought meant I didn't spend very much money on it when I was there. And you HAVE to have cider at Glasto. It's the law.

Peach Bellini - Hardy's
Love some random cans at Glasto! This was a bit Archers-like for my taste, but super refreshing. The strawberry one is awesome though.

Wine juice box
YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. Tesco are selling little juicebox sized cartons full of white, red and rose wine. What's not to love? Nothing. Nothing is not to love about this. Oh, except for the fact that they don't come with straws. Come on, Tesco. Everyone knows this is how they are meant to be drunk. (I bought my own straws)

Keep hydrated, kids!

Picnic Mat - Poundland
I love this little mat! It's just big enough for me to sit on - perfect for slightly muddy fields.

Hairbrush - Babyliss
This came with my hairdryer, and always lives in my handbag. So useful for fringe maintenance!

Baby Wipes - Carex
These mini wipes came in so useful - mostly for recovering from messy hog roasts and the like!

Hayfever Tablets
Hey, I was living in a field - enough said, right?

Sunglasses - Primark
These super old, super cute sunnies come out every year. Novelty, but not TOO ridiculous. Love em so much, I bought another pair of heart sunnies when I was there!

Antibacterial handwash - Wilkinsons
This smells like summer fruits cider! So yummy! And a total necessity at a festival. Glasto toilets - not the cleanest.

Lipbalm - Carmex
Bloomin' love Carmex. Even though you can finally buy the clicksticks in Superdrug, my American friends still buy it for me in bulk and ship it over - so much cheaper than over here!

Suncream - Nivea
As I said the other day, I may not be a natural ginger but I burn like toast. I came away with barely a watch mark - good old suncream!

Body Spray - Impulse
I know Impulse is totally passe seeing as we're not 14 any more (unless you are - hey kids!) but I wanted to take a cheap spray to Glasto (no showering, remember?) and loved the smell of this when I tried it in Boots. It's violet & raspberry flavour, and is kind of yummy. Still miss Impulse O2, though. :(

Phone - Samsung
This £10 Samsung was awesome - my usual SIM worked in it and the battery was still going strong when we were on the way home from Glasto. Smart phones aren't made for festivals. The batteries die in minutes, and they're kind of, y'know, worth money. Plus, buy a cheapo phone and you can use it every year. Awesome.

Wallet c/o Fossil
I got this lovely leather wallet in a goodie bag at the Fossil press day a couple of months ago, and it was perfect (if a little nice!). But it was nice and slim, but easy to find in my bag.

Personally, I think booze and antibac are all you need for a good time. Anything to add?

Outfit credits:
Dress c/o Lovestruck (details here)
 Flowers - Crown & Glory 
Sunglasses - Glastonbury Stall 
Necklace - Benita Blue
Sabrina Backpack  c/o Spartoo


  1. Great post and pictures! I love the little picnic mat too! And the bag is so cute! :)

  2. i've got a Poundland mat too, best little things ever. Small enough to pop in your bag and doesn't matter if they get trashed for £1.

  3. I think booze is the only thing you need, enough of booze will make you forget all the bacterias around haha x

  4. A backpack and novelty sunnies are always with me at festivals too - has to be done!

  5. Booze and anti-bac, the answer to everything.

  6. This bag is gorgeous, just what I have been looking for!

    Maria xxx


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