Monday 1 July 2013

I be a cider drinker.

Above terrible iPhone pics by me.

Have you been to any of Rekorderlig’s pop-up bars? I read about their Winter Forest Bar last year and was desperate to go – a magical forest in the middle of London, with piping hot cider to boot? SIGN ME UP. Unfortunately I missed it, but this year I managed to score an invite to the launch party of their new pop-up – the Midsummer House in Victoria Park, London.

It’s fitting to schedule this to post now whilst I’m at Glastonbury, guzzling cider! And that’s just what I did – I sampled their new Passionfruit cider, which was delish, like a boozy Um Bungo. Mmmm. Their cocktails were also fantastic – I KNOW, cider in a cocktail? What now? But trust me, they were tasty. The Stockholm Storm in particular, which included coconut rum, Chambord and their Mango & Raspberry cider was to die for. The Rekorderlini wasn’t quite as much to my taste, but I persevered as I wanted to get to that maraschino cherry. Mmmm.

As well as the drinks, handsome waiters (my favourite kind) were passing around trays of different Swedish sausages. So many innuendos, so little time. But god, they were good. I spent most of the night hovering by the BBQ area to get first dibs (I’d missed dinner, okay?). If you get down there, make sure you sample the sausage. There are tons of different types and they’re all amazing. Totally craving sausage forever now.

Rekorderlig have done an amazing job – they’ve transformed a small part of Victoria Park into a Swedish haven, you’d barely believe it was London! The view from inside is incredible too – look at that stunning lake in my picture above. If you can, definitely get down (details here) but you might struggle – it’s almost entirely sold out! Them Londoners love their cider.

Thanks for the invite, Rekorderlig! I love you and your ability to make tasty booze!

Outfit credits: Dress - Dorothy Perkins, Sunglasses & Jacket - H&M, Necklace - Topshop, Sabrina Backpack  c/o Spartoo



  1. this post made me want to drink and dance and party and... summer, oh, summer

  2. Oh wow i'm insanely jealous! Looks like great fun!

  3. I drank so much of that strawberry and lime one this weekend mmmm x

  4. Rekorderlig is fabulous. Pretty jealous of you right now, missus.


  5. I love cider! Unfortunately, it makes me hungover before I'm drunk lol. Looks like fun :)

    Life of Mabel

  6. Makes me wish I was still in England. I love cider :)

  7. I love rekorderlig but the passionfruit one disappointed was the pear base i didn't like......I much prefer apple ciders xxx

  8. I like the sound of passionfruit, I will have to try that out!

    Maria xxx


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