Wednesday 15 January 2014

All the pretty, pretty ones will leave you low and blow your mind.

I'm trying to save money this year to buy a flat, so doing much shopping is not an option. It's typical then that I'm seeing so much in the shops that I'm loving, then! The worst offender right now is New Look. I popped in there for a wander the other day on my lunchbreak and mentally spent at least £100 in five minutes. I think I may have to ban myself.

Maybe I can live vicariously through you guys, though. Isn't this a lovely bunch of stuff?

one | two

This jumper is so clever - the collar attaches by buttons so it's two in one! The dress is simple, but you can never have enough red dresses, right?

three | four 

Nope. You can definitely never have enough.


See also Peter Pan collars and heart print dresses.

And chunky boots which absolutely aren't practically the same, right?


  1. I absolutely love all of those red dresses too, and the boots. Oh dear, I'm mentally spending in my head now too and I've only just made a wishes list of my own. Oops!
    I have a black dress very similar to number five and I wear it all the time. Although for some reason I feel like an extra in Downton Abbey when I wear it, not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

  2. I'm trying to cut down on the shopping as well, but all the new stock coming into the shops isn't helping me. I'm wondering about giving myself a weekly cash budget and leaving the card at home. Or just not going to the shops.

  3. I picked up a VERY similar floral red dress in the Topshop sale recently. But like you am trying to save for moving and house stuff. *grumble about being a grown up*
    Those boots are all gorgeous. xx

  4. Love the jumper been looking for a jumper like that x

  5. Yeah, I can see this being a problem- I must not buy anything, but oh so many pretty things. Love the clever jumper!

  6. I completely understand the shoes, I seem to own the exact same pair five times over!
    Good luck with the saving!


  7. shopping is one of the greatest distractions when I want to save money lol x


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