Wednesday 8 January 2014

Bat out of hell.

Throughout the Christmas break (and beyond) this has become my uniform. As much as I will always love a dress and cardi, it's just never going to be quite as cosy as a woolly jumper, is it? I picked up this one in the New Look sale - okay, so technically it's a Halloween jumper, but this little bat is too cute to be limited to one month of the year, right? And I don't really care about that, anyway.

The skirt is a New Look bargain too - I got it full price a few months ago for £15 but it's in the sale now for even cheaper, so go down to your local NL for a root! It's not on the website, but this quilted baby is - oooh. I'm not supposed to be spending money right now though, so I will have to settle with this one. A PVC skirt has raised a couple of eyebrows in the real world, which is funny to me - they're practically passe in blog world! But it dresses up a super casual ensemble and it's totally spill-proof, which is great because I spill a lot of things.

Jumper & skirt - New Look | Chunky boots c/o Bronx at Spartoo


  1. Love that jumper! And I see nothing wrong with some leatherette, although I get similar raised eyebrows when traipsing around ol' Herts. (Not that they can judge me in my town, eh?) x

  2. Ah i'm loving the new blog layout Sarah. Thumbs up from me! Also got a thumbs up for your fab outfit!

  3. Lovely outfit! the jumper is so cute! :)

  4. Love the jumper. I have a ghost one which I bought from new Look around Halloween and I would wear it throughout the rest of the year as well. Maybe not my Xmas jumpers, so much, though.

  5. I love this, so cute! You would look great in some of our vintage jumpers
    Becky x


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