Friday 24 January 2014

Friday Frocks #148 - Are you hoping for a miracle?

For the longest time, I complained about how there were no nice dresses with sleeves out there - they were all bodycon or smocks, both of which are SO not my bag. But now, there are so many that I've had to say to myself 'Woah there, Sarah. Just because there's a dress out there with long sleeves and a full skirt and a nipped in waist, you don't HAVE to buy it.' But sometimes, I have to reply to myself, 'Good point, Self. But this one has a Peter Pan collar. Made of SEQUINS.'

Sarah has talked a lot about her love for Sugarhill Boutique, but I didn't indulge until I found this dress for a bargain price in the ASOS sale. I totally get it now - they are lovely quality, they fit well, and they like sequins, sleeves, and collars. Love a good collar. It's still on there, if you're a 14 or 16! (I got a 14, if you're wondering)

The shoes are new too - the perfect combo of geeky and adorable, no? They're from Clarks - I got mine from Spartoo. I've also been doing some plait experimentation - I still can't do a fishtail, but I can do a funky french side braid thing. But hey, if I just can't learn I can always get a ponytail hair piece from Hershesons - they even have fishtail ones!

I wore this to a family gettogether last weekend - we always seem to do our Christmas thing a good few weeks after the big day. It's kind of nice though - an excuse to catch up and eat buffet food when all the Christmas joy has totally seeped out of our lives. I know, that's the most depressing thing I've ever written. But it's okay - there was a buffet.



  1. More braid envy! My hair is too short and my fingers too sausage like to attempt such a look.

    The shos are fab.

  2. I love the dress; I need long sleeves and I also find that they're all smock or bodycon. Smocks I can just about pull off, but I definitely do not have the body for bodycon! Love the sparkly collar.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  3. This dress needed to be brought by you Sarah!

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous, and I love the sequin detail on the dress.

  5. Oh your hair, I really can't' do anything with plaits which doesn't look like a total mess!
    Love the dress, glad you got it sorted :)


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