Friday 10 January 2014

Friday Frocks #146 - Why does it always rain on me?

One thing I was looking forward to about moving back home was starting to take outfit photos in pretty locations again. My parents live on a lovely little country lane, with a garden overlooking the river. Within a few minutes walk are a farm, a meadow, woods and beautiful lakes. It's a fashion blogger's dream, really, especially if they're like me and love blogs like The Clothes Horse and The Magpie Girl with beautiful locations aplenty.

So it's awesome, really, that it's barely stopped raining since I moved back in.

In our higgledy piggledy house there isn't really anywhere inside to take photos though, so the solution was to stand outside (yep, in the rain) with my camera just inside the doorway and snap away. The things we do for outfit photos, eh?

My sister bought me this ASOS dress for Christmas and it's already a firm favourite. I love the print, and it's super comfy - you've gotta love a nice stretchy fabric this side of Christmas. I wore it for a super glamorous time last weekend. And by super glamorous I mean marathoning Buffy on Netflix and not leaving my room. Good times.

Dress - ASOS | Hat - Topshop | Tights - Tesco


  1. Lovely outfit! The dress is so pretty and the location does look really nice! :)

  2. I normally prefer to take my photos outside but it's just so hard in winter and in Scotland if its raining all day its pretty much dark all day! Love the dress and purple tights combo :) I'd say that even though these were taken in the rain that you got a nice, misty vintage look to the photos

  3. This is a really lovely outfit, the dress is cute and I really want to steal your hat!

    Maria xxx

  4. This is such a cute dress and your parents house sounds like my dream location. X

  5. Love this! With the hat it's so cute and cosy, just lovely xx

  6. That dress is so pretty! It's been raining pretty constantly where I am too, January is the worst month!

  7. Love that dress! To the extent my fingers just slipped and it has fallen into my shopping basket :) Also your blog redesign is gorgeous, I like the classic feel and the slightly retro vibe.

  8. This dress looks SO nice on you, I tried it on with my ASOS sale order- otherwise known as lending the company £70, and it just made me look horrendous- gutted as I love the print.

    Also, how do manage to not look wet and bedraggled in the rain? I always look like a drowned rat the second I step out in it.


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