Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Frocks #149 - We were hoping for some romance.

Last year two of my very best friends got married, and it was such an amazing, perfect day that I'm surprised I've taken this long to blog about it. I mention Sha a fair bit on here, and that's because I really do love her an awful lot. We've been partners in crime ever since sixth form, and I truly think of her as a second sister - she's just that special to me. Sha is caring, thoughtful, hilarious and the best person in the world to sit on the sofa with, drink red wine and look at photos of attractive celebrities on the internet.

At most weddings, I think you generally have a big attachment to one half of the couple but maybe don't know the other so well. But I've actually known Russell almost as long as Sha, and count him among my best friends. He's kind, funny and talented (check out his flickr), not to mention perfectly happy to polish off a few bottles of wine with Sha and I and watch Fashion Police, but what I love about him the most is how much he loves my Sha. They're perfect together.

Looking at the photos of the wedding again make me so happy. It was the absolute BEST day - one of the most wonderful days of my life. It was at Haughley Park Barn in Suffolk, which was such a perfect venue - naturally stunning, but also one of those places that you could make your mark. Which they did - from the awesome food (pie and mash!) to the amazing initials that Russell made and fixed to the wall. The tables were named for British sitcoms - Black Books, The Office and the IT Crowd to name a few, all with little mementos from the shows (there was even a stapler in jelly!).

It was a lovely, intimate wedding - no bride's side and groom's side, as they're both from the same group of friends, meaning everyone there knew each other. The dancing started at 7ish and went on until 1 and because my ultimate dancing buddy made the playlist, I barely left the dancefloor. My legs hurt for about two weeks. But it was so worth it.

Cardi - M&co
Shoes - Blink c/o Spartoo

My bridesmaid's dress was from Lady V of London and was lovely quality - such a good option as they were really reasonably priced. You know me, I love a polkadot, so having that as a colour scheme was totally up my street. Sha's dress outshone us all (as it should be!) - it was from Candy Anthony. Isn't that red petticoat a dream? I loved her Accessorize headband, but I loved even more how she changed into the Liberace Bunny Ears from Crown & Glory we got her for her hen do when it was time to dancing.

Honestly, I can't articulate just what a perfect day it was. We were looking at the official photos the other day and laughing because in so many of them you can tell that my fellow bridesmaids and I are blubbering messes - there aren't many things more emotional than watching two people you love on the happiest day of their lives. I'm so, so happy for Sha and Russ and absolutely loved being part of their special day.

Pictures taken by me and my friends!


  1. Lovely photos and your dress looks fabulous, as does Sha's! :)

  2. this made me do a huuuuuge smile. Looks like the best day :) Love all your dresses with different cardi's, might have to steal that idea xx

  3. Yay, weddings! :) It's so nice to see the results of all the hard work that we all saw unfolding on Twitter over the months before it :) It's making me all nostalgic, haha.

  4. This is such a beautiful post - your friend's dress is amazing!! Looks like you all had a wonderful day! :)

  5. This looks like an amazing day! The dresses, the sparkly bunny ears(!), the cake, the food... oh just everything :) And I'm immensely impressed with the pictures, they look really professional!

    Laura | Cherry Soda

  6. This wedding looks amazing - you can feel the fun through the photos and I love all the details. Stapler in jelly - amazing. Love the polkadot bridesmaids dresses too <3

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  7. This looks like such a fun wedding! It's so nice when you are friends with both the bride and groom. Your bridesmaids dresses are perfect, as is Sha's dress! x

  8. This looks amazing! You go to so many awesome Weddings. I want to be your friend so that I can come as your plus one haha x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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