Sunday 2 January 2011

Another year over, and a new one just begun.

JANUARY / I wore a lot of hats. The first step to overcoming addiction is to admitting you have a problem. (I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM)
FEBRUARY / I drew a lot. Which was nice.
MARCH / I went to Paris. It was amazing. I really like pastry.
APRIL / I went to Brighton. I went to go back now please.
MAY / I went to my first car boot. Am now obsessed.
JUNE / I started a year of fancy dress, and my sister turned 30. Also, GLASTONBURY.
JULY / I turned 28. But it's okay, I also got the best card ever. GOOGLY EYES. I also moved house!
AUGUST / I found my Granny's old photo album and started desperately craving a 90 year old camera.
SEPTEMBER / I went to London Fashion Week and realised that if you have a big camera, fashion types think you're important. I also went to my first Blogger event.
OCTOBER / I started Friday `Frocks! I've barely made a DENT in my collection, you guys. Many more to come.
NOVEMBER / I became an Aussie Angel and went up on the London Eye.
DECEMBER / I got massively obsessed by Christmas and wrote more in this blog than I have all year.

So, 2010 is over and I'm struggling to get my head round it being 2011. The last year has absolutely flown by. For a lot of people, I know it's been a hard one - my Facebook is full of people relieved it's over. But for me, it's been a really great year, and I'm thankful for that.

The notable moments for me were moving out of home and also turning 28 and having a little freak-out about it. And this blog. I've met some great people this year and had some fantastic experiences as a result of it. Twitter has saved my sanity on so many occasions and I'm constantly amazed and impressed by the intelligence, talent and general loveliness on display by the people I've met online.

I hit 300 followers just before Christmas which absolutely floored me. This time last year I had about 7 followers and was quietly proud of that fact! I really am incredibly grateful for all the positivity that meets my posts, and I can't wait to share my 2011 with you and read all about yours.

Now. Resolution time.

1 - Live a healthier life.
I nearly always put 'lose weight' as a resolution, and I'm not going to deny that it'd be nice. But I tend to place too much focus on that part of it and really, I just need to get into good habits again - making dinner rather than chucking something frozen in the oven, snacking less and making the time for exercise. I'm very aware how lazy I've been lately and am actually starting to crave healthy food again!!

2 - Attempt to be a responsible grownup.
This basically means having more than 20p left in my purse by the day before payday and maybe, like, savings?

3 - Get organised.
Ebay all that stuff that's been under my bed for the last two years.

4 - Go somewhere amazing.
This is why planes and credit cards were invented!

5 - Realise my ambitions.
And possibly work out what they are, along the way.

6 - Learn to like red wine.
I failed at this in 2010 so it is staying on the list. I will do it! I learned to like olives!

7 - Be more creative.
Draw more. Write more. Read more.

8 - Complete Project 365
More on that below...

9 - Redo website
It's finally time to discard, the domain I've had for ten years and embrace essbeevee! Soon...

10 - Take more chances, do more exciting things, seize opportunities, meet more people, HAVE FUN.
Carpe diem!

Project 365

1 / The Morning After
2 / 25p Christmas Decorations

I decided yesterday that I would do Project 365 this year. I may just share the pics here, I'm not sure yet. I probably should set up a flickr though, join the 21st Century! But for now, here are days 1 and 2. I'm intending to post updates on a weekly basis, although we'll see how that goes!

Oh, and one more thing - I'm having a January sale in my Etsy shop at the moment! Just enter the code ILIKEYOU at the checkout (because I DO) to get 20% off!


  1. :] (i can't think of anything better to say, but i want to leave a comment on this post. it sums up my feelings.)

  2. Oooh, I'm stealing your 'be a more responsible grownup' resolution. I don't even know what savings ARE*.

    *Clearly I do, I just said that for dramatic effect.

  3. Your 2010 summary made me smile :) you have certainly been a busy lass! and your resolutions for 2011 all sound achievable - I hope this time next year you look back and feel proud :) xx

  4. I loved this! I have a 365 too :) Do mine online though, it's so hard to keep up with sometimes. Happy new Year and good luck with your goals xxx

  5. Aww! Yay for Essbeevee! I hope 2011 is very kind to you my love.y

    You have some great plans, I too need to save and go to amazing places :)


  6. blergh I hate olives, I keep on trying them to see if I can learn to like them but I have to spit them back out! Terrible for a half Spaniard too. Happy new year! Here's to 2011 x

  7. that 365 thing looks really cool :) is it too late to start now?!?
    Good luck with your fesolutions and happy new year!! xx

  8. Looks like you had a nice 2010. I'm dying to go Brighton!! I can't believe I've never been.

    Definitely agree: I'm always really surprised at how amazing the people on twitter can be.

    Have an amazing 2011.

  9. I'm doing 365 too! WOOP! I failed last year so want to actually complete it this time.

    Also, I taught myself to like olives in 2009 and I've never looked back.

    Happy 2011 my love! xx

  10. Good luck with all your goals! I'm trying project 365 (again! - I've never finished it) this year too :) Also, just to let you know I featured your blog in my Hidden Treasures section of my Monday Musings for Sparkle and Shade :) xx

  11. I love these goals and I think they are much more realistic than saying you will be 4 dress sizes smaller by the end of January* It was amazing to meet you IRL this year and we definitely have to meet up soon :) Happy new year!

    Maria xxx

    * I actually know someone who said this!

  12. I love your resolutions! Good luck with them xox

  13. I never make resolutions but im going to this year! love ur list. :) xo

  14. Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions, if you try and fail to like red wine it's totally acceptable to forget about it and stick to white, right?!

  15. This is a lovely, happy blog post :-) Good luck with the 365 — I did it back in 2009 and although it almost killed me I'm always glad I did it.

    I like your resolutions too — all geared towards happiness and doing interesting things.

    I hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you.

  16. Fab post and you've got some great resolutions!

    I've tagged you for an award: xxx

  17. I agree with a lot of your resolutions although I'm sure that learning to drink red wine and be healthy will not quite work out the way we plan it to! :]


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