Wednesday 19 January 2011

Shake it like a ladder to the sun.

1/1/11 - The morning after
2/1/11 - 25p decorations
3/1/11 - The last lazy day
4/1/11 - Back to work
5/1/11 - Nearly missed today
6/1/11 - The decorations come down
7/1/11 - The blues
8/1/11 - Blog readings
9/1/11 - The haunted tree
10/1/11 - Stunning sunrise
11/1/11 - January conference
12/1/11 - New diary
13/1/11 - Key delivery
14/1/11 - Mystery food in fridge at work
15/1/11 - New shoes!
16/1/11 - Making jewellery
17/1/11 - The most beautiful sales bargain
18/1/11 - Jade green nails
19/1/11 - Eating healthily

I've been meaning to do a Project 365 update post for about 2 weeks and haven't got round to it - so I thought I'd post all of January so far, even though you've already seen the first two. (I'm a completist)

So far it's been easy to keep up the habit - I photograph things most days anyway (I was worried I'd missed the 14th then remembered my iPhone and yes - I'd twitpic-ed the mystery food in the fridge at work. Still no clue what they were...) but I'm sure as I get busier, it'll be harder. I also really have to start taking more exciting photos - I'm not sure how enthralled by a picture of noodles I'll be at the end of 2011!

So is anyone else doing Project 365? How are you doing so far?


  1. I love those shoes! They are gorgeous!
    Im not doing it just because I would not have a clue what to photograph!

  2. Such great pictures!
    I think we may use the same supplier of the keys. I have some too!! :)

    Gorgeous nails, and the healthy eating looks yummy!!


    p.s shoes are amazing also! are they difficult to walk in?

  3. Oh Sarah, I love your photography! Could the mystery food item be SCOTCH EGGS? They kind of look like homemade ones!
    Also I am very glad you bought those amazing Topshop shoes. x

    PS, my word verification was 'trifou' and it made me laugh!

  4. Haha, I bought those Topshop shoes too! We can be twins! (actually, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish has them as well, we can be TRIPLETS) x

  5. Great pics and I'm so jealous of your shoes!! Are they from topshop? I was desperate to try get them in the sale but they ran out of my size :( x

  6. Firstly, awesome title - love that song!

    I did try projct 365 last year but failed, and now find it all too easy to forget. Hoepfully when uni's finished [and i can afford a nice new incentive in the form of a sexy camera]I'll give it another go!


  7. What brand of nail varnish is that? It's a great shade x

  8. our fridge at work is full of mystery food too!

  9. Oooh, great photos - I'm not doing project365, but I feel like I should be now!

  10. these are great! i've been taking a lot fewer pictures since i smashed up my iphone :(
    love the shots of the sky and I can't wait to see more of those shoes... I was tempted to break my topshop ban and buy them myself but I didn't think I'd get enough wear and I didn't know which of my shoes they'd replace :/

  11. my first thought on seeing that weird thing in the fridge was 'omg what is that?!'. I would have been tempted to prod it to see haha.

  12. I think the mystery food in the fridge is arancini. It's a Sicillian stuffed rice ball and they are delicious


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