Friday 7 January 2011

Shame on me for the blues, another one returned that I'll never use.

It’s rare that it gets to Friday and I haven’t got a dress in mind for this post. It’s normally something I’ve worn the week before, or a work outfit for the week. This week, though, I was stumped. Despite being someone with a much larger than average wardrobe, I’ve had one of those weeks where outfit inspiration has been seriously lacking and I’ve felt like I’ve had no clothes. So I’ve resorted to old faithfuls this week – mostly skirts, actually, but this is Friday Frocks, and NO SKIRTS ALLOWED.

Although this feeling is probably due to having a dribbly brain during the first week back – oh my gosh, I’m so tired – it does make me think that maybe it’s time to give my wardrobe a bit of an overhaul – get rid of some things and replace them. The trouble with this is that I will remove items and bag them up, but never actually get round to giving them away or selling them, and I really should. I need about a week to get through my ebaying backlog. I keep thinking about hiring an ebaying monkey.

Still, this little number stepped in at the last minute and I wore it to Casual Friday at work today. As I don’t wear jeans, I have interpreted ‘Casual’ to mean ‘shorter skirts’. This is one of those dresses I go through phases with – I’ll completely love it for a few months, then I’ll totally forget I own it. Which is a shame, as it’s a cute, versatile little number. Plus, I love purple, especially teamed with grey. I had a lovely charcoal grey cardigan that went perfectly with this ensemble, but it disappeared on my last trip. Infuriating! Still, there’s a similar one in Debenhams that I’m going to buy when payday rolls around, I think. And it really can't roll around soon enough.

Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: New Look
Belt & Tights: Primark
Boots: Bank
Necklace: Bijou Bijoux

This blue cardigan is stepping in as my grey replacement at the mo - it's okay, but I'm not a fan of round necks. They never sit right. Oh, and curly hair again - I am trying to give my hair a break from the straighteners. Probably a good thing, as it's so desperate for a cut right now, the ends really need a rest from heat!

I'm off out now - what are you up to this weekend, anything fun? Or, like me, have you just been holding out for that glorious lie-in tomorrow?

By the way, I've added some pages to my blog - check them out at the top! And feel free to submit questions to my Q&A!



  1. I was literally howling with laughter when I read your Q&A! Genius.
    I love this dress too, the colour is so nice. Why have I never thought of putting grey and purple together?!

  2. i loved your q&a post ha! this is a lovely outfit:) the colouring just looks so perfect on you xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean about Payday not coming quick enough. I am gagging for it! I have less than 3 pounds in my bank, its tragic!
    I too never thought of adding grey with purple, it goes so well! Gorgeous dress!

  4. Oh Sarah you do make me chuckle. Getting Daddy to buy the chips is clearly the only correct answer.

    What a fab frock. I love the pattern - some of it looks a bit galactic. Does that sound mental? I know it's probably meant to just be flowers...

  5. I love your dress, the colour suits you so well! :) Haha, great q&a ;) xoxo

  6. Ha, we are exact opposites - I only really looks good in round neck cardis but have trouble finding them! The scoop neck on the dress is super flattering x

  7. What a beautiful dress! The colour looks absolutely lovely on you.


  8. Love the colour on you, and the print of the dress is really pretty.


  9. Lovely dress Sarah. I love purple and grey together, works really well. I'm the opposite to you for a change and much prefer round neck cardies xx

  10. I love this dress, you really suit blue! I love v-neck cardigans too, round neck ones are just weird.

  11. Gorgeous dress.
    I don't wear jeans either so have the same interpretation of "casual". x

  12. I love that dress! I am now doing Frocking Friday too! However I haven't quite managed to get a picture of my dress yet. I must prize the husband away from new TV long enough to get a picture taken!

  13. I am totally, utterly and completely in love with that dress.

    Gorgeous. So gorgeous.

  14. Your sense of style is always lovely, miss! I am a huge lover of grey tights and grey cardis. Oh and denim shirts, haha. If in doubt/feeling sleepy, its often my go to. You look gorgeous here :) xx

  15. Awww, such a pretty dress! I really like it with that cardi actually - I do like things that match!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I like that dress a lot, the colour is fabulous on you x

  17. Hahaha! looooved your Q&A post :) brill hun! Purple looks lovely on ya darling, loved the idea of pairing it with grey & I really like the cardi! I do love a bit o matchy matchy ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  18. You look adorable! And I hate round necks too. I think it's because I have boobs, they make them look weird. This weekend I have been mostly hair dying/watching the city and drinking coffee with my gay bff/making healthy meals and... tomorrow I have a DATE! :/ x

  19. Your Q&As are quite simply HILARIOUS! I love grey with most things to be honest, much more interesting than blck but still chic! And I struggle with 'casual' outfits too, I just can't do it!

    Maria xxx

  20. Such a beautiful dress! Blue really suits you.

  21. I have yet to find a round necked cardigan that suits me. Is there such a thing? Your dress is fab! I really like the combinations of purple and blue or purple and grey you mentioned. So much so that some of my dresses never get worn with black cardigans! It makes me feel so lovely and colourful :] I just realised how much I mentioned cardigans there, obsessed much?!


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