Thursday 6 January 2011

Shut up and let me see your jazz hands.

It's super shocking I haven't posted this yet, but due to being insanely busy pre-Christmas and then way more lazy than I could have predicted after Christmas, it didn't happen. But anyway.

Back in December, Aussie invited me along to a Christmas market they were holding in London. I took my friend Anne along and we had a great day - we were met with mulled wine (deceptively strong!) and an Aussie BBQ (even though it was inside) and several of my fellow Angels were holding stalls putting on various activities, like Christmas Card making, book swaps - oh, and free cupcakes. Aussie had also stationed fabulous stylists around, ready and waiting to work their magic on our hair.

There were interesting talks throughout the day on photography, vintage shopping and even flirting. They even brought the various Tribe mascots to life! I spent a while chatting away to the Colour Mate mascot, Emily, who was lovely. Also we have the same colour hair!

Ellie and Tamsin getting their hair done:

Fiona's Christmas card table:

Me with Emily, the Colour Mate mascot:

Anne with the Miracle Moist mascot:

My favourite parts? Hanging out with Eleanor, making cards with Fiona, doing Lucy's drawing class then joining in on the breakout drawing class with Ellie and Tamsin which mostly featured doodling dinosaurs. Oh, and the photobooth. I want one of these in my house.

I had my hair put up in a beehive that put my own attempts to shame. They backcombed my hair to within an inch of its life to create this do, and it was so well-done that I SLEPT in it and it was still perfect the next day! When I took it out, I was stunned to realise that just four hair grips were holding it in place - fricking amazing! I went on to a party in the evening and spent quite a lot of it having my hair poked and prodded by intrigued friends.

The morning after:

Photos by me and uncover aussie - I was having too much fun to take a lot!


  1. I bought some colour mate conditioner over Christmas and promptly left it and my ultra expensive shampoo at my mum's! I imagine my equally dyed to the hilt sister is taking full advantage of the hoo!

  2. Oh it looks like it was a fab event!! FREE cupcakes too lol!

  3. I love looking at the photos from this, so yay for a late post so I can see more of them!

    I tihnk I said it on twitter at the time, but I love your hair like that!

  4. The Aussie Market was definitely a lot of fun! It was organised so well. I love how your hair came out: looks so pretty.

  5. hehe thats me on the left of the 1st pic! well the back of moi anyways :) Was deffo a lot of fun & my 1st blogger event too so very exciting! Aww really wished we had a chance to chat! Your hair came out so pretty, so great it lasted till the next day!

    Aysh xoxo

  6. your hair was incredible - can't believe it lasted through til morning with 4 pins! was so nice to meet you too x

  7. That looks like it was great fun, the hairstyle looks lovely!

  8. Your hair looks gorgeous! I wish my hair was straighter and longer so I could try a beehive! :)

    Maria xxx

  9. 4 HAIRCLIPS?! That is like some kind of magic. My hair gets so messy when I try to faff about with beehives but I will master it this year. Also: just noticed you're doing 365 this year! I got up to August last year which was pretty good and then gave up :( So sad. Good luck with yours though!

  10. that hairstyle looks fantastic on you! would love to try the beehive but not sure i'm cool enough to pull it off x

  11. I think my hair would laugh at a mere 4 grips! That's incredible. Your hair looks ace, glad you had lots of fun! x

  12. Sounds like you had fun ! I just blogged about the Leeds Aussie market !

  13. Aw there's me! haha. Wasn't it fun! Love your hair in that awesome beehive! x

  14. Lovely pictures, and I really like your hairstyle! The color is great.


  15. i have two things to say:

    1. NANANANANANANANANANANANANANA (your title is clearly a line from this catchy song)

    2) you are too pretty; and i wish my hair was half as gorgeous as yours!!


    I have your christmas card still up and all.
    lots of love
    x fi
    ps ta for entering el competition, anyone else reading this comment form want to enter


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