Friday 21 January 2011

She dreams of the roller disco, head full of curls on my pillow.

This is probably my favourite dress. I know I say that almost every week, but this week I REALLY MEAN IT. This is one of my most frequent Monday outfits - it's smart enough for work, easy to accessorise and also does not need ironing. The dresses in my wardrobe that need ironing are always the ones I wear least. Well, after the ones that need dry cleaning. Who can be bothered? It's also casual enough, though, that I don't feel overdressed wearing it at the weekend, either. In short, I wear it a LOT.

I got this in the Dorothy Perkins sale last year, not long after writing this post about how ace their dresses are (and they've suddenly got ace again, so maybe a similar post will be going up soon!). It is extremely comfy and it has cool sleeves that I think are called 'angel sleeves'. Although it is a little baggy on top which I always worry makes my bust look bigger than it is - it doesn't need any help!! Due to my matchy-matchy tendencies, I like the dress best with grey, so it's most frequently teamed with my trusty grey ribbed tights, my loved-and-lost grey New Look cardi and the cameo necklace I featured last week. It just goes perfectly!

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Primark
Necklace - Hatfield House

Oh, and this is what my hair looks like when left to its natural devices. At the moment it's got really long, which weirdly makes it more manageable (although my fringe has a life of its own) so I've been wearing it curly more often. It's so much better for my hair, I batter it with my straighteners. I like curly, but it's so unpredictable - I can't help thinking that life would be so much easier if I could just wake up with straight hair every day and go! But I know all you straightees out there would disagree!

Finally, I have a confession to make. I took today's photos last night, at about half ten, after consuming three large glasses of wine. I blame my sister - she is a very bad influence, and I am useless in the face of peer pressure. And when handed a glass of wine. Anyway, so the photos today may look a little tipsy! I tried to delete the craziest pics - I decided to see how cool I look doing karate kicks - turns out, not that cool! Buffy makes it look so easy.


  1. I LOVE that dress!!! It's like a teadress my sister has, which funnily enough, she got in DP sales as well :) and your hair looks lovely, go you for embracing the curls! I usually do as well but my curls are just knotty times infinity so it looks awfully messy, esp. from the back! xx

  2. Cute dress! And your hair looks amaaaazing.

    Penny x

  3. Such cute photos! I love your hair colour and that dress is gorgeous :)

  4. Loving the hair colour it is lush on you and the curls rock! Also loving the dress I am feeling inspired to frock out more often!!

  5. I want your hair! The colour and the fringe are fab.
    Love the dress, so pretty. x

  6. What a beautiful frock! Being a bit of a DP devotee, I'm surprised I've never seen that before.

  7. You look so cute in that second photo! Love your hair colour and that dress is great

  8. hehe, i adore the second picture of you, you look beautiful! love the dress too, i hardly ever visit dp but i'll definitely have to pass by next time i'm out and about. have a lovely weekend! xx

  9. Love the dress :)

    All the Dorothy Perkins near me have closed down now, but I frequent the website rather often & have picked up quite a lot from there (always in the sales)!

  10. You look gorgeous! I am always so envious of your gorgeous dresses and this is no exception! I find DP really hit and miss but I have a couple of dresses from there and they are both flattering and comfy, WIN :D

    Maria xxx

  11. You look gorgeous! I love your dress, and you look... not drunk exactly but very happy!

  12. You look gorgeous and I love your hair curly.
    I dont think ive seen a dress of yours that I dont love! Major dress envy!

  13. this is such a lovely dress, and your hair looks great!!
    how did you manage to take such good pictures at this time? mine always look awful once it's dark!

    xx Iris

  14. you = too good looking for your own good!

    it's cool, with a collection like yours it's only right you have lots of favourite dresses.

  15. I like the dress. It does look so easy to wear, and the sleeves look great. You look really pretty.

    I have the same hair. I like it curly, but it's so hard to manage. I'm too lazy to always straighten my hair and always wish that I could wake up with straight hair one day.

  16. I am so with you, I hate ironing. And hand washing *shudders*

    I love your hair like that, you should definitely wear it natural more often x

  17. I love your hair like that!

  18. I dont blame you, it is a LOVELY dress :) and you really suit your hair full of curls! haha, so alcohol is to blame for the cheeky sideways grin ;) made me giggle, you look pretty composed in the rest of them! three large glasses of wine would floor me! haha xx

  19. Loving the dress, Sarah. I love how you have your own style & don't change it in the face of trends. I always love your dresses so it's safe to say, yes, I love this dress too!


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