Sunday 30 January 2011

We're buying and selling your history, how we go about it is no mystery.

When it becomes difficult to close your wardrobe, it's normally a sign. So I'm having a clearout. Take a look - there's lots of Topshop, a little vintage, and some nice shoes!

Also, if I get rid of all this lot, then it's TOTALLY okay to do more shopping again. Hooray!


  1. gorgeous colours there! Well done on getting so much up on e-bay, it takes a million years doesn't it?

  2. I hate the fact that your feet are a size smaller than mine :( Is the Topshop dress a small 12 or a large? Because I love it but I'm a 14 :S

    Maria xxx

  3. both of those hats were on my list too! i haven't checked if i won.. but i bet i didn't. so says the pessimist in me!x


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