Friday 4 November 2011

And all the wine is all for me.

Let's be honest, here... Aussie throw the best parties. So when an invite popped into my inbox for an October bash in London, Hayley, Sha and I were there faster than you can say 'Make mine a double'. Honestly, they could let the Aussie Angels loose in an empty warehouse and we'd have an amazing time. But The Century Club was rather nicer - plus, in typical Aussie style, there were hair stylists on hand, plus manicurists and makeup artists. And lots of Aussie hunks serving canapes.

I quaffed rather too much champagne (well, is there such a thing as TOO much?) and had a fab time catching up on gossip with some of my favourite blogging girls. I even talked everyone into dancing. Well. You know when you THINK everyone else is dancing, but the next day you have the fear that you were flailing around in the middle of the room when everyone else just stared at you? Ahem. No, me neither.

This man is a professional hunk. Beware.

Hayley looks worried at leaving her hair in someone else's hands.

But look how bouncy and shiny it is!

But I am totes happy to let someone else style me fabulous.

Christina, doing that 'ridiculously foxy' face she does.

Gorgeous Angels Harriet and Lily.

This mystery Angel is a crazy awesome sexy Irish babe. (Sssshhh, it's FI.)

I was wearing 5 inch heels. Shortarse!

Hayley: mysterious and in possession of wine.

Buuuuut, this is a Friday Frock post, though, so onto the dress. It's leopard print! This is kind of a big deal for me - it's really not a very 'me' thing. I have to say, I prefer it in person to in the photos, but never mind. It's really quite a strange cut, it drapes at the back and is slightly open. I am not body confident enough to have my back out, and because it's so loose at the back it feels like it really is, but actually, it totally isn't, look below!

I really like it, though. I got it in Debenhams in Scarborough a couple of weeks ago (it's a really good Debenhams - next week's dress is from there too!) in the random concession bit. It's made by Mela Loves London (who don't seem to have a website) and was super bargainous, I think it was £22. And it may be a bit different, but it's nice to have a party dress that isn't all prim and proper for once. I'm not always that prim and proper, you know. Ssssh. Secret. (You totally knew that.)

Dress - Debenhams
Jewellery & Belt - Topshop
Shoes - c/o Boohoo

I bought my wedge booties with my Boohoo voucher and I LOVE them. They're really similar to some I was eyeing up in Topshop, but were half the price. Despite being high enough to give me a nosebleed, they're actually incredibly comfortable. The belt is like 3 years old from Topshop, sorry. I know, it's awesome. And falling apart, so I wish I could find it again.

On Sunday, my houseguest Hayley and I nursed our hangovers and had Eggs Benedict and then I watched X-Factor with Sha and went to bed really early. Perfect weekend, basically. And this weekend, it's Fireworks Night! Yay! I'm off to do some mulling.

PS - There are more pictures on my Facebook page!


  1. Looks amazing! I would have been a bit scared by the hunks though.
    I went to a John Lewis event in the week and drank too many strong cocktails and said silly things in front of important people. sigh. xx

  2. I really like this dress, and the fact it's different makes it more of a beauty. I love the back of it, and don't think you should be concerned by it because it's honestly ever so lovely!
    Your hair looks awesome how they styled it, but also looks nice at the beginning!
    Enjoy your weekendx

  3. Ooh, looks like a goodun! I adore your dress. You look really beautiful in it and really suit it!

  4. The Aussie partys look like lots of fun! I really like the leopard print dress, I think it looks lovely on you! :) x

  5. Love the dress.....I think that it suits you totally, and like that its kinda sort of prim and proper, but then sort of totally fierce too!

    I'm getting very jealous of all these Aussie party pics floating around cyber looks like it was an awesome evening!

  6. your dress is lovely, i think the cut out detail at the back just jazzes it up perfectly. but i LOVELOVELOVE fi's dress, wow! so pretty.

  7. Leopard print is a bit of an acquired taste isn't it? None the less this dress is beautiful on you and I really love the back detail, it's just right, sexy, but not too much.

  8. Aww I really like the back. It has a nice drape. I haven't braved leopard in person myself yet, but it's good to be bold!

  9. This was such a fun night! Your dress and hair were gorgeous and it was fab to meet you again. x

  10. Oh I'm jelly, I never go to events like this. I love getting my hair and makeup done. Gosh I can't even remember the last time I got my makeup done, or my hair for that matter.

    Love the dress, I think you look great. I wouldn't feel self conscious about showing my back if I were you. I personally will not show my back to save my life, its a weird thing I have.


  11. the dress looks so hot on you, in person and in the pictures.
    I had such a fun night hanging out with you. And 'ridiculously foxy'? I love you <3

  12. It really was such a fun and please accept my apologies for stalking you haha!

  13. Your dress was so gorgeous, I don't remember noticing the back at the time, but it's lovely!

    Was such a good eve, and lovely to see you!

  14. love your posts, they're so funny. Everyone's hair looks amazing! I need the secret to getting it so bouncy. :)

  15. Yay for drunken Aussie times! Was lovely to see you, and LOVED the dress. Xx

  16. Hi! Just discovered your blog. I LOVE your red hair and I LOVE your leopard dress! And getting drunk on champagne is fun.

    Mabel Time

  17. you made me lol.

    from a particular crazy awesome sexy Irish babe


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