Thursday 3 November 2011

Baby, it's cold outside.

Although in the summer I wear dresses pretty much constantly, in the winter I find that skirts find their way into my daily outfits a lot more frequently. I always feel quite chic and cosy in a warm jumper teamed with a mini skirt and boots. I’m ALWAYS cold, anyway, so I’m obviously a fan of jumpers. There are so many adorable ones out there at the moment on the high street, but this year I’m craving cashmere. It's so soft and snug and warm and I'd love a wardrobe full of it, please.

There’s a gorgeous range of cashmere women’s jumpers at Pure Collection in every colour you can think of. Any one of these would be perfectly at home in my wardrobe. I love the royal blue.

A round of applause, must go to the humble cardigan, however – I’m so reliant on a cardi and a pair of opaque tights to winterise my wardrobe. You’ve got to love how simple it is to take a dress from summer to winter – I appreciate it when my clothes work hard and multitask.

This post was written in collaboration with Pure Collection but the words and opinions are my own – I heart jumpers. :)


  1. I love these style of jumpers. Lovely classic shapes.

    Grey is the colour I always end up with, I have so much of it in my wardrobe, it goes with everything!
    However, I'm really loving the red.... time for a change?!! :D xx

  2. I always tend to opt for cardigans rather than jumpers, these look like a great shape though and such lovely colours! x

  3. I am a cardigan person, through & through. Must be the librarian in me haha.

  4. You can never have to many cardigans.
    I usually end up take the plastic buttons of my high street cardigans and replace them with pretty vintage ones!


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