Wednesday 16 November 2011

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn.

Last week I attended the Motel party along with almost every other blogger under the sun! It was a fantastic chance to see their new Christmas collection, which is gorgeous - so many lovely dresses! Plus, it was awesome to see lots of my friends and meet some lovely new faces.

We were given the chance to choose an item from the new collection and after lots of deliberation I chose the red 'Heidi' dress - I was all set to choose something else but I fell in love with it after seeing the photo Ellie posted!

The ladies from GlossyBox were also in attendance with some yummy cupcakes and a competition to guess the number of products in their GlossyBox. I was way out with my guess but never mind!

It was a great night with yummy candyfloss, balloons and of course, lots of lovely ladies! I'd love to list them all here but there were SO many I don't want to forget anyone! Well done to Selina for getting everyone all together!

The lovely Emma!
Amy, Dina, Jazmine and Emma with their purloined balloons - mine is still going strong!


  1. This looks like such a fabulous event, how could an event with cupcakes and candy floss not be fabulous?

    I love the pictures, everyone looks fabulous, and I love those perfectly girly balloons. How lucky you are to get to go to so many great events?!


  2. It looks like you had a great night! Loving the candyfloss! x

  3. Great pictures! Those cupcakes were amazing. x

  4. Ah this looks amazing, so girly and fun! cupcakes and balloons, awesome.


  5. I really loved the heidi dress too! Was so sad I couldn't make it, damn these London events :(


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