Friday 11 November 2011

The internet is made of cats.

When I was in Scarborough a few weeks ago, my friend Nic and I visited Scarborough Castle. It's in a gorgeous area with incredible panoramic coastal views, and they do a mean cream tea, too. I really loved Scarborough - not only is it beautiful (the beaches are amazing) but it also has fabulous shopping. I may have bought four dresses in one day (and three of them were under £15!). I'll have to post some more photos soon of the area, I took loads.

We couldn't resist finding a spot to take some outfit shots because the setting was so amazing. These are Nic's handiwork and they might be my favourite outfit shots so far. So dramatic with the stormy sky!

Dress - Mela Loves London at Debenhams
Belt - Topshop
Necklace c/o GoGo Philip
Nails - Models Own Purple Grey
Watch - ASOS

I also really love the juxtoposition of the outfit against the gorgeous background, as the dress makes me laugh from its sheer ridiculousness. I was in the Scarborough Debenhams with Nic and our friend Ali, and when they spotted me clutching this kitty-print dress, they both started laughing at me and shouting 'YOUR DRESS IS MADE OF CATS!'

As is the internet. Ahem.

For the rest of our holiday the above video - and the below one - became our little anthems. We just want to hug all the cats. But we can't.

And this is my impression of a cat. Obviously.

PS - More photos of the Castle are up on my Facebook page too! Like it, would you? It likes YOU.


  1. The castle there looks amazing, lovely photos! x

  2. I've only ever walked along the front at Scarborough due to a flying visit! I'd love to go back sometime.
    I have however stayed in Whitby a long time ago and it's absolutely gorgeous.

    I love castles and ruins they always look magical and mysterious. Whitby Abbey is worth visiting :D xx

  3. Tahat dress is super cute! Loves it x

  4. Amazing photos, you look gorgeous xx

  5. I love the cast dress but wish you hadn't shown me the scone, yum!xx

  6. For some reason I've never been to Scarborough (more of a Whitby girl!) but these pictures are amazing. I love a good castle and this one looks amazing. You look absolutely gorgeous in your outfit pics as well :)

  7. Someone looks a bit stunning ;) Such beautiful photos Sarah!

  8. The castle looks so beautiful! So sad that I never really have the time or means to go to places like these at the moment, otherwise hel-LO Taylor Swift video impressions (: Those photos of you in the meadowy grass are gorgeous too, so editorial! Love to see you again last night too Sarah! xx

  9. I bought exactly the same dress two days ago. I love kitty prints :)

  10. That landscape! And your dress! And the food! So great!

  11. I love posts about other pretty places in England that I haven't been. Scarborough looks gorgeous and definitely makes for a very good outfit photo! Can't wait to see the dresses you bought :) x

  12. The photos look so beautiful, I was dying to know where it was! Will def have to have a visit to Scarborough :) x

  13. Holy meow, I love cats to pieces, its a little nuts. These pictures are absolutely amazing, what a beautiful place and did you say cream tea! Total yum. I love the pictures of you standing in the field with the castle in the background, just gorgeous. Under 15 is a great deal for dresses, I rarely can find a dress on that good of a deal.


  14. This all looks so gorgeous! I love visiting old castles and stately homes and these are amazing outfit shots... just casually in a field with my castle :P

    Maria xxx

  15. hahah i love that can't hug every cat song. it is so damn catchy, such an earworm. these photos are really dreamy, love the one of your pretending to be a cat though haha.

  16. Beautiful photos and loving the cat song :P


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