Thursday 10 November 2011

And walk off into the country, ridiculous country.

My love of photographing stately homes seems like such an old lady thing, yet I never fail to find them fascinating - and there are positively tons in Derbyshire. One of my all time favourite people, Ali, lives in Matlock, so every time I stay with her, we tend to visit somewhere new. If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. We've been to Chatsworth a couple of times before, but never actually been inside. So it seemed like high time we did.

Derbyshire is one of my all-time favourite places to visit. It's only 2 hours up the M1 from Hertfordshire, and it's absolutely stunning. It's all rolling hills and dramatic landscapes. Sadly, because I normally drive up there, I never get much of a chance to photograph the best bits. Unfortunately, other motorists don't really understand it if you stop in the middle of the road and hang out of your window to take photos. Shame, really.

The house is gorgeous, but I don't know, I like something a little more shambolic, if I'm honest. It was so shiny and, er, groomed inside. My favourite part was the Trompe l'oeil of the violin. So realistic! I was sad we didn't get more time to go round the gardens this time around, as they're huge and awesome. There's even a maze! (Amaze!) Maybe next time.

PS - Lots more photos are up at my Facebook page!


  1. That staircase looks amazing! x

  2. Your facebook page wasn't working for me :(
    Love the photos! Me & my bf have recently become members of National Trust, so I have been adoring going from one gorgeous amazing house to an equally amazing garden in our spare time


  3. Wow these are amazing, thanks so much for sharing. It is very posh but understandably so. I'm with you, my ideal living situation would be a little more disorganized with all the little pieces and things that give your home character.

    That dining table is insane, I love the candelabras! I love the long hall as well with all the pictures. Just absolutely fabulous, however if I ever lived in a place like that (that will never happen) I would feel like I would want to whisper everywhere.


  4. Amazing photos, this place looks so beautiful and definitely somewhere I'd love to visit! x

  5. I've never been to chatsworth house but I want to go so much! Such pretty photos.

  6. I love your photos - it looks like such an amazing house. I really enjoy visiting old ohuses, but I find it hard to imagine people really lived in them. I love the way you've picked up so many little details, I could almost imagine people wearing those clothes, or reading one of those books...


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