Friday 13 July 2012

All you can do is step back in time.

I'm cheating a bit, this week. See, I have these photos from LAST April that have been languishing on my computer forever and for whatever reason, I haven't posted them. But this week has been mad, and I've been moving house, with no internet access and no chance to take outfit photos, and desperate times, y'see.

So let's go back in time to April 2011, when the sun still shone (seriously, enough rain already, okay?) and my friend Anne and I took a visit to the Red House in Bexley Heath. It's famous for being designed by William Morris - he of the fabulous wallpaper designs - and Philip Webb. There's a whole bunch of history associated with it, but you can read the Wikipedia for that - or pay it a visit yourself - I'm here to show off the pretty parts instead.

The dress is a rather old New Look number, reserved for those rare periods when it's actually HOT - so rarely worn in this country, ha. We decided to pose ridiculously in the lovely gardens (I find it very hard to NOT pose ridiculously when someone else is taking my photo - I don't know how the likes of Carrie and Cait do it) before paying the tea room a visit for copious amounts of cake. Cake is very important.

Dress & belt - New Look
Flipflops - Primark
Necklace - Topshop

I hope you enjoyed this trip back in time. Back to your regular scheduled programming next week.


  1. It looks so pretty, I love the window seat and the fabric on the sofa. It's great to go to places like this for inspiration to bring back home.

    I wish it would stop raining too.

  2. This looks lovely, I want that piano!

    Maria xxx

  3. oh my goodness, this post is almost too much for me to handle! haha. your photographs are so pretty, i can't believe i haven't visited yet! xxx


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