Friday 20 July 2012

The storm will suck the pretty girls into the sky.

Having just moved house, I now find myself having to explain the blogging thing to two new friends (my housemates). They haven’t walked in on me taking outfit photos quite yet, but they have been a bit bemused by me skipping off to events, and skipping back clutching goodies. Granted, I’ve been in there 2 weeks and this has happened once, but there was bemusement, I tell you.

The event I mention was by Witch Skincare. A month or two ago they recruited some ‘Flawless Friends’ and chose me to be part of it. Now, I’m neither particularly flawless or friendly but I do really like Witch’s products. And their events! We had the best day – they took me and a team of 20 other bloggers to London for the day. We started with an epic lunch in Wahaca (So. Much. Food) and then got taken up on the London Eye. OOOOOH. And then finished with a Duck Tour – the combination of a crazy driver and driving headlong into the Thames made for an interesting trip! We were SUPPOSED to drive into the Thames though, they assured us.

It was awesome. So lovely to see so many bloggers and meet some new ones, always ace to hang out with Holly from 1000heads and great to learn some more about the Witch products. I’ve been trying their new BB balm this last week and it’s so good – my new favourite product! Along with all the products, we also got given a pair of Hunter wellies – OMG. I’ve wanted some forever and they’ll actually fit my muscly calves as they’re short. Hooray!

I’m being efficient and combining this with a Friday Frock – I wore this classy number from Tesco which I bought along with this dress. I really like it, but I regret a little bit not buying something more different (like this!) because I think it’s so similar to the other dress I bought. I might add it to my workwear wardrobe, just to make sure I wear it lots. It’s actually lovely (I’m like ‘Oh no! Don’t offend the dress!’) a really nice fit, good length and pretty pretty print. But just not very adventurous.

Dress & headband – Clothing at Tesco (partially c/o)
Necklace – Accessorize
Bracelet – c/o Your Fashion Jewellery
Shoes – New Look

I wore it with this Accessorize sale bargain and the sash tied around my hair – although I ended up taking it off on the train. Which I regret now, seeing these photos, as it’s totally cute. Next time, next time, I’ll see it through. And this marks the first outfit photo taken in my new house! I’m on the hunt for more picturesque locations a la The Clothes Horse, although part of me loves how easy it is to take pictures inside against a blank wall.

I also debuted my new bracelet from Your Fashion Jewellery. It’s so pretty – I love all their jewellery!

But I do miss my river.


  1. Aw this looks so fun! Your hair is looking so long now, it looks lovely :) x

  2. Love this dress and the day looks like so much fun! I live by myself so don't have the risk of anyone walking in on me taking blog photos but I do have to remember to hide my tripod if anyone's coming over! x

  3. That looks like so much fun, and your dress is gorgeous! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. your hair is looking lovely! so long now. I would love a pair of hunter wellies, bought so many cheap pairs over the years should just get a good pair of wellies x

  5. that picture of big ben is incredible!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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