Tuesday 24 July 2012

It's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

One item I included on my 30 Before 30 and really should have included in my birthday wishlist was 'Own a pair of designer sunglasses'. My sunglasses always come from the high street, cost about £5 and break in five minutes. That, of course, is why I'm always nervous about spending the money on sunglasses because I'm convinced that if I had a pair of Ray Ban Aviators (and I do really want some - Aviators are the only sunglasses that suit my weird face) I would just sit on them or drop them or stand on them.

This is just an excuse really though, as designer sunglasses are made so much better than high street sunglasses (as well they should be!). A friend of mine has some Versace sunglasses that have lasted for 7 years! And also, if you know your sunglasses cost £5, you wouldn't think much about dropping them in your bag loose or ignoring them when they slide off your car dashboard onto the floor. Where are my £5 H&M sunglasses now? Oh, that's right, on the floor. I'm pretty sure if I DID buy some posh glasses, I wouldn't be quite so careless.

What do you think, is it worth the investment? Or should I just stick to disposible fashion, aware as I am that I am clumsy and accident prone and (inadvertently) a tad destructive? I can't decide. But now I'm looking at pictures of fancy designer sunglasses online, and my credit card is itching...

Written in collaboration with Smart Buy Glasses.


  1. I recently got some raybans and I treat them so much more carefully than my Primark faithfuls. I think something about REALLY wanting some makes you take better care!

  2. I love Rayban Aviators. I have two pairs of designer sunglasses and loads of cheap pairs. I find that I am a lot more careful with the designer ones! I wear the cheap ones on holiday and save my designer ones for in the city when I know I'll be more careful! x

  3. I've resorted to buying £1 sunglasses from Primark, I'm so careless with them. I know. I'm definitely going to file my up-coming purchase of Ray Ban Wayfarers under the "investment" category, though since I am such a Clumsy Caroline when it comes to looking after my stuff, it remains to be seen whether or not this will make an actual difference. Will keep you posted! Cx

  4. Mine came from Primark and cost £1. They've lasted two years despite continually being thrown around and squashed in with all my other handbag crap. Win?


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