Tuesday 31 July 2012

Hot stuff.

Now, I am a sun person. I don't do well in cold weather and am constantly wishing I was warmer. But I've completely abandoned the idea of going somewhere just because it's hot weather, probably because I've embraced what a paleyhead I am. I'm white as a ghost, and seem to stay that way no matter what I do. So, now I just go with it. Rather than wanting to visit somewhere to lie in the sun and bake, I'm more likely to slather on the factor 50 and go on a citybreak, or find some new and interesting (and shady) part of the UK to DO things like see sights and find some amazing restaurants. I think it's pretty obvious from my posts that I do that - I can't remember the last time I spent a whole day just lying by the pool. I'm not saying I like HIKING or anything, but I like an active holiday. Like in Paris, where we walked everywhere and I took 1700 photos in 4 days.

This all means that I won't be a wrinkly old prune when I get old. You guys, I just turned 30 and I still get IDed when I buy wine. This whole embracing being pale thing is WORKING. Out of necessity, I've become a pretty obsessively conscientious person in hot weather. Here are my top 3 tips for being just like me:

1 - Wear suncream, all the time. In summer, I use a special facial suncream that's oil free so my skin is protected without getting clogged. It's part of my morning routine, so I don't even have to think about it (most of the major brands do them - I use a Simple one).

2 - If you're going to be out in the sun for a while, wear a hat. Have you ever had a sunburned scalp? It really flipping hurts. Hats mean that it doesn't hurt to brush your hair and they are CUTE.

3 - Drink a LOT of water. I always drink at least 2 litres a day (often more like 4) and try and keep an eye on the other things I drink - for instance, a can of diet coke is not the equivalent to a glass of water and won't hydrate you. Caffeine is actually dehydrating. Even though diet coke is the BEST. See also: wine.

If you are scoffing at my good advice, then I will tell you about the time I got sunstroke at Glastonbury. Having to stumble for half an hour through a busy festival site, trying not to be sick (and there are a LOT of food stalls and unshowered people at Glastonbury) and then only having a boiling hot tent to lie down in and then having to negotiate portaloos - it taught me exactly what happens if I don't obey my own rules.

AXA PPP healthcare have put together a be healthy flipbook on their own golden rules for the summer - the three I mention above are all in there plus lots of others, so you see, I AM right - you can also follow them on Twitter for some daily tips. Take a look and don't die! What are your magic rules?

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  1. I have very pale skin too. I could lie out in the sun for two weeks and end up looking like I've spent those two weeks indoors!
    I might have to invest in some of this facial suncream. I absolutely hate putting suncream on my face but I know it's important so I do, but the facial suncream definitely sounds better!
    I totally agree with the hat thing too. Burnt, peeling scalps are not good!

  2. I definitely prefer city breaks - I'm not a beach person at all. Therefore I'm quite pale and I'm fine with that. Three cheers to not being prematurely wrinkly! :) x

  3. I turn embarrassingly purple in heat. attractive.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  4. I have become insanely obsessed with hats of late! Like, really obsessed. So if we get any more sun (and I would love some, I'm a serious sun fan!) then I will be extending my hat collection :)

  5. Very good advice! I am trying to embrace being pale and protected too, although there's not been much sun to call for it!
    I can imagine having sunstroke at a festival, and feel ill just thinking about it! Poor you.

  6. Very good advice! I slather myself in Factor 50, and stay inside from 11 till late afternoon, it's just not worth it!

    Maria xxx


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