Thursday 23 December 2010

And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows.

Originally - as today is my first day off for Christmas - I'd planned for today's post to show off the baking I've already done for Christmas Day. Except... I didn't end up doing any baking today. I went round the shops, I bought a dress and a hat (both for me) and came home to an exciting new toy, which I'll write about soon. No baking.

However, I'm sure that many of you are like me and haven't got round to doing your Christmas baking yet either. Or, you plan to just buy ready-made cakes, which is really what I should have done all the time - you bake once, people expect you to bake all the time! Luckily, I like baking. And eating obscene amounts of icing. So, over the coming few days, these are the recipes I'm going to be attempting...

These are probably my favourite cookies. It's an American recipe and doesn't involve Snickers, as I originally thought when I heard them referenced on Veronica Mars. However, they are light, fluffy, just-chewy-enough-but-crunchy-round-the-edges and incredibly cinnamonny. HEAVEN. They're also really easy to make. WIN.

These get raved about and snapped up whenever I make them. And they don't even need baking! They're awesome and ridiculously easy.

I'm going to take this recipe - yep, including the box mix - and make ganache again like in this post. However, I'm probably going to leave out the peanut butter and substitute the dark chocolate for milk chocolate, so they're less rich. We have double cream that needs using up, so I'm doing our fridge a service. Obviously.

Two of my besties are American ladies - Southern, to be exact - and they've cooked for me a few times. The dish I always go away raving about is the Sweet Potato Pie. Guys, it's awesome. (I'm afraid I'll never be a convert to creamed corn - sweetcorn shouldn't be creamy! It's just WEIRD!) I'm dying to make it and show my family what we're missing out on - my mum has attempted pumpkin pie before, and it's always been bland and disappointing. I am fully expecting awesome.

This is one of those life-long goals that I've never achieved. I've always wanted to, though, so one of my missions this year is to create one from scratch. I'll let you know how it goes...

Finally, here are some adorable baking experiments I found on bakebakebake...

Oh god, I'm getting hungry just writing this. What are you planning to bake this Christmas?


  1. I had big plans for baking this year but I've just run out of time! I did manage to bake and blog about some xmas muffins last weekend which were yummy though! Love the sound of all these recipes, will have to bookmark this post ready for next year I think! xxx

  2. i also had big pland for this year but.. it has flown by somehow, haha

  3. They all look amazing - well done you, if you manage to bake them all!
    I made some christmas biscuits last week - just used a basic biscuit recipe and cut them into angels, trees and reindeer, then decorated wit icing and edible glitter [love that stuff].
    Going to bake tomorrow, but it's stuff for my parents' buffet they're having in the evening - I might get to have a bit of a munch though! xx

  4. Those chocolate peanut butter bars look amazing!
    I have no skill when it comes to baking at all but usually make some flapjacks at Christmas time as they're so easy and I love to wrap them up nicely and give them to friends as edible gifts :) x

  5. I made that gingerbread house from that exact recipe this year!

    I love the look of those snickerdoodles too - mmmm.

  6. I plan to make some truffles early tomorrow morning but thats about as good as my "baking skills" go! im rubbish at anything to do with baking, despite the fact i used to work in a bakery, and im actually from a family with 4 generations of bakers!

    i love the look of those peanut butter bars, im a fiend with peanut butter. i totally love sticking a spoon in and having a sly few teaspoons, sigh wish it wasnt so calorific!

  7. aww these all look so amazing, the tummys rumbling away... I'm gonna be attempting to make cupcakes tomorrow...will be interesting to see the results is all I can say :/ Did you try the ones at the Aussie Xmas Market?? the were incredible! so am gonna attempt to re-create those.. ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  8. I've been designated the task of dessert this year!! I have no idea what to make. These look like good ideas though.

  9. I'm drooling. I normally do all the festive baking in this house but haven't had a chance this year. Meh. I'm still sulking.

  10. mmmm looks delicious! Snickerdoodles always remimnd me of Veronica Mars! Looking forward to seeing your versions of these soon I hope!

    Happy Christmas!

  11. I have never heard of Snickerdoodles before, but thanks for the link to the recipe, I'm definitely trying them! They look yummy!

  12. Snickerdoodles are now on my to do list x


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