Friday 24 December 2010

So go ahead, put your red dress on.

I said to my friend today that I've been doing a week's worth of Christmas posts and they've almost all been food-related. (Her response was 'That's what Christmas is all about!' This is true.) Normally fashiony topics are resuming today, though, I promise. Because it's Friday. And only one more sleep until Christmas!

So, it was my work Christmas Do last week. Unusually, I wasn't dying the next day - despite realising that hardly anyone on our table was drinking white wine, and therefore myself and my date (don't get excited - it was my sister) had three bottles to ourselves - although it being on a Friday night certainly helped. (Oh god, the hangover last year, when it was on a Thursday. It was BAD.)

I was searching high and low for a dress - I had something in my mind's eye (it was red, prom-style, sort of fluffy and possibly strapless - I am still hunting!) but during one of my routine hey-lets-try-on-my-whole-wardrobe evenings, I discovered how smitten I was with this Topshop number. I had seen Kelly Brook seriously working it in several magazines, so when the red version popped up in the sale, I nabbed it.

I liked it, but wasn't totally smitten, so when I finally tried it on properly - only a few weeks ago - I was a bit shocked by just HOW perfect it was. I think sometimes you find a dress that fits like it was made for you, and this is one of those dresses.

The plunging neckline teamed with the knee-length skirt keeps it JUST on this side of decent, and the fitted waist means that I don't feel like the number 8 - a problem with so many dresses for me! Plus the emphasised shoulders just makes the nipped in waist look smaller. Also, it's RED. I have a bit of an obsession with red at the moment, had you noticed?

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Ernest Jones (Maid of Honour gift!)

I disobeyed the golden rule that redheads can't wear red (I'm not really a redhead, anyway...) and styled my hair in a tumbling side-bun/chignon - a more structured version of this hairdo. I am a total convert to the Aussie Hi-Hold and Hi-Shine hairspray (purchased after they put a beehive in my hair at the Blogger Market which was still perfect after I'd SLEPT in it). This is how it looked at 1am - considering I left the house at 6pm, it stayed in
SO well. It was fairly simple, actually - I let it dry in a side plait, then just put loads of pin curls in it which I hairsprayed, liberally. At the last minute I took the grips out so there were tons of tight ringlets and just and gripped them all randomly to my head, and added a slight twist at the back to ensure it stayed. I got asked a few times who'd done my hair, which I consider a compliment! I know that I'm blessed to have very thick hair (believe me, I've paid my dues in getting it to behave though) but I think most people could achieve this style - it was really easy. I also don't think you need hair anywhere near as long as mine to make it work.

I would have loved to have worn my hair down, but on a dress like this, the shoulders and neckline need to be shown off. I also added some falsies (the Eylure Nadine Party Lashes), red nails and sparkly shoes (as seen better in this post).

I was in a rush - as I always am when preparing for a big night out - so didn't get a chance to snap any pictures before we went, except the first one which my sister took! So most of these are snapped on the go - even a hastily grabbed iPhone one! I took a few when I got in to show off my eyemakeup (hence the red eyes...). I was going to show off the dress too, but by this point it was SO creased. It was actually already creased by the time I got to the party, which isn't good - anyone know how I can prevent this in future? Would spray starch help?

This dress is still available in Topshop in black and blue. However, both have JUST gone in the sale, so unless you are veryvery small, the website is not going to help. Today, though, I picked up the blue version for £20. My sister
had already snapped up the black one - she's a size smaller than me so gutted she can't steal mine (I keep telling her to eat more...). However, when I was in Topshop today I spotted two staff members sorting through clothes on a rail, and I could see my dress, so I snatched it - my sister's size! I LOVE those sale moments, amazing.

Anyway, back to MY dress. Overall, it's a great dress (except the creasing) and it was a great night, as the photos showed. I'm not proud of this one.

That's a lie, I'm totally proud.

Have an amazing Christmas everyone!


  1. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you look SO good in red! :)
    I'm scared to wear red now I have my silly bright hair, but I'll have to give it a try again soon! :) xxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous dress, the shape really suits you and the colour is fab - redheads can definitely wear red! x

  3. You look stunning! I love your hair, I love the dress, everything is just gorgeous! I hope you have a great Xmas xxx

  4. Merry Christmas lovely, have a good one,

    you look utterly stunning in red!

  5. You look AMAZING! I love everything about these photos especially the last one ;) I have many a photo with drinks down my top hahaha! And I wish I could steal this dress of you, it looks about perfect for me too :)


    Maria xxx

  6. It is an amazing dress! Red dresses are looking fantastic this season. And the sleeves are gorgeous.

    Your hair is stunning here. I have really thinck hair as well, and it's so difficult to tame. But Aussie products are definitely strong enough to handle it.

  7. I have that mustard and polka dot version, I had it before the picture of Kelly Brook appeared so i mantain she copied me haha!
    Its a beauty isnt it? It works so well in all seasons. Bare legs in the summer and black tights in the winter. Everyone comments on it!
    The red version looks so lovely on you and I adore the way you have done your hair. Ill have to try that with my dress!

  8. Well. That dress fits you like a glove, doesn't it?

    You look gorgeous. Red clearly suits you, golden rule or not.

  9. SARAH! You look amazing! I love this dress on you, it really does fit perfectly :) Hope you had a great xmas day lovely. xx

  10. haha love the last photo!
    You really look lovely in that dress, it's smart and racey all in one xx

  11. I have this dress toooooo! It is so fab for boobs! Sadly I have no shoulders because I am too short and it keeps sliding down on me :( I also keep flashing my bra when I wear it but I love it still! You look fab in it with your hair like that.

  12. I love this dress! It looks so good on you!


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