Wednesday 8 December 2010

These boots are made for walking.

I think all girls have certain items of clothes which they consider effortlessly chic. Me? I sigh over skinny jeans, fitted leather jackets, horizontal stripes and knee-high boots. These items all have one thing in common, unfortunately... I can't wear them.

I've made my peace with skinny jeans – no trend is worth highlighting just how much wider my hips are than my ankles – but still long to find a leather jacket that looks good on me, and occasionally dabble in horizontal stripes even though I know deep down they aren't very flattering on me. The one that I still can't come to terms with, though, is knee-high boots.

I don't care how 90s it is - I still think this look is awesome. Go, Buffy!

As someone who wears skirts and dresses 90% of the time, in cold weather, boots would finish off so many of my outfits perfectly. And unlike the previous items, it's not a case of them not suiting me. It's a case of me having ridiculously massive calves. And it is the bane of my shoe-loving-life.

I've tried everything, too. The wide ranges that highstreet stores like New Look do – um, why do they have to be so much frumpier than the non-wide ranges? Slouch boots – okay, they fit, but they make my legs look like sausages. I've even shelled out for a fancy pair of Duo boots and still no luck. The problem there? TOO LONG. It drives me crazy.

Not to mention how they all go baggy around the ankles. NOT ALL PEOPLE WITH MASSIVE CALVES HAVE CANKLES YOU KNOW.

I lost 2.5 stone (I regained most of it, but let's not talk about that) and held out hope that maybe – just mayb... nope. Stayed the same, just changed into muscle. So I've had to embrace ankle boots, because the right style can show off the fact that non-skinny legs CAN be shapely – just, perhaps not the shape considered ideal by the high street.

Still, if I could wear knee high boots, I'd wear these!

(all from Office)

But I can’t. BECAUSE THE HIGH STREET IS STUPID. *storms off*


  1. Hey Sarah....

    I have the same problem and now (as from a few years ago) found the perfect pair in Evans... not a wide food fitting, so the ankle isn't baggy, just wide in the calf, just below the knee and a nice hight heel....

    Not cheap, but full leather and only been re-heeled once since new and worn at least 3 times a week since purchased!

    Check them out


  2. Buffy is my absolute idol! Aged about 15 I basically based my entire wardrobe on what Buffy would wear!

    I hate wrinkly ankle syndrome, it's kind of put me off boots because even the nicest pair tends to go wrinkly after a bit... Ankle boots are lovely though, and definitely a good alternative!

  3. I have the same issue as you! I have given up wearing any boots other than ankle ones. They just seem to look terrible on me. I chicken drumstick legs. Ive even had to get 3/4 wellies because I cant get normal length ones on!


  4. I have a similar relationship with knee-high boots. I have calves built like rugby players and not even extra wide fit boots fit me properly - also the reason why you get sagging at the ankles? Not enough room in the calf so they slip down.

    I feel your pain and frustration x

  5. ankle boots are always much cooler (in both senses of the word)...
    the thing about tall boots+me is that unless I'm real careful, i get far too hot! I end up with boiling hot legs and feeling all sweaty in winter, which is just gross :(

  6. I have the same problem, wide calves suck! I can get some on, but I always order online so that I can try on at home and the shop assistant isn't standing over me watching as I try in vain to pull the zipper the whole way up!

    I hope you find a pair soon, every girl should have a pair of cosy knee highs!

  7. Does Evans not help? They have some lovely boots. I have ridiculously wide feet so have to get a lot of my pumps from there :)

  8. Ahhh! Buffy! I love seeing her pop up on my dashboard :)
    I totally feel you on the big hips/massive calves issue! I caved and bought some New Look boots last winter but they were just uncomfortably tight :( I'd love to be able to wear boots and have that gap at the top that makes your legs look like sticks but alas, I'm forever bound to keep my calves out in the cold :(

    Really enjoyed reading this post! xx

  9. I can't believe you don't/can't wear boots. In my head, you wear boots with the best of 'em. We will find you a pair!

  10. I can't wear horizontal stripes either. Keep on trying with the boots, you'll find your ideal pair eventually.

  11. I have a mystery pair of boots that I swapped with someone - they have no label but the calf size fits me, even over jeans so I assume they're from Evans as they're pretty good when it comes to bigger calves and normal sized ankles!

    I am mildly crushed to hear that about Duo boots though. I had my heart set on a pair from there as I've never ever bought any knee highs but I'm only 5'2 so if they're too long on you then I'm doomed aren't I? :(

    ps - Buffy looks awesome. I love the mini and boots look.

  12. I know exactly what you mean. I tend to get a pair of boots and hang onto them for dear life as they're the only suitable pair in the world (it would seem). I find that Evans boots are too big in the foot/ankle area, so I can't even get some from there.
    I did however pick up some boots from Peacocks last year, with buckles and just enough slouch, and I'm just hoping they never get old :D haha.

    Really great post, really enjoyed reading :)

    Fiona x

  13. I HAVE GIANT CALVES TOO! And they stay giant, no matter how up and down my weight goes - I think I'm stuck with them! I searched all last year and finally found a pair that fit in Evans, loved them with all my heart and wrecked this year I've found one pair with fabric tops on Amazon that fit perfectly and another pair from TK Maxx that I love so much I just scrunch them down below the massiveness haha x

  14. I love knee high boots: one of my favourite trends. I have a pair of really high boots, which I can't wear. They won't stay up, no matter how many safety pins I use!!

  15. The high street is indeed VERY stupid over stuff like this. Reading your post made me a little bit sad inside though, if I was an elf I would make you a gorgeous pair of boots for christmas! :( sucks that you cant find a pair that fit properly.

    The main problem I face on the high street is height related, I have really short legs but quite a normal length body and to get a pair of jeans to fit me around the hips means that they are about a foot too long for me. Petite range is a load of shite! doesnt help at all lol. Please don't give up on your booty quest (lol) There has got to be the perfect pair out there for you! xx

  16. I have the same problem, but I solved it...

    Not remotely cheap, but brilliant nonetheless. I just got a fairly cheap plain riding boot, and am now coveting these ones:

    Am so incredibly chuffed to finally get boots that I can wear - the last time I was able to do so was at uni.

    Am fairly sure there's a picture of me in them somewhere on Facebook or the blog - Eleanor's birthday.

  17. I completely agree with the whole of your post! I recently bought some boots from Duo cuz I had the same problem. But they are starting to go baggy at the ankle which is so frustrating. I so wish I could pull off skinny jeans too but oh well! Well done on the weight loss (even if you have put loads back on - me too!) x

  18. I have the exact same problem! I have pretty normal sized ankles and hugeeeee calves, and i've given up, also I realised that ankle boots just make me look like I've got no ankles so I've started avoiding them too haha :)

  19. Ah excitement!! ^^^^ people that have the same problem I do I thought I was alone with my muscle man legs! My mother has beautifully delicate calves and I hate her for it :) I love knee high boots but they are an absolute stress fest to even try on. The whole saggy ankle thing drives me round the bend, a pair of gorgeously basic black knee highs are on my fantasy wish list xx


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