Friday 17 December 2010

Hold my heart and watch it burn, I'll give it to someone special.

I'm that person who always picks up the ugliest thing on a sale rail. You know, that orange, furry number that really doesn't belong? I'm just drawn to it. It's the same with accessories - show me a silly hat or a crazy headband and I will be the first to try it on (actually, show me ANY hat, and I will try it on. I love hats.). The problem is, though, that I try on these silly things and there's always this little part of me going 'I LOVE IT.'

So, when I tried on a giant insane Christmas hair ribbon in Claire's a little while ago, I promptly fell in love and started thinking up ways in which I could justify buying it. And justify it I did - but when it came to the crunch, the hair ribbon was sold out and I had to make do with a just-as-awesome-if-not-MORE-SO ribbon from the local pound shop.

Iiiiiit's Christmas-Day-At-Work!! Every year my office has a silly day in the run-up to Christmas - we all dress up in silly outfits (last year's is here - remarkably similar, yeah, but sssshh). We make cakes, there's a raffle, a quiz, competitions, games and an always epic buffet. This year, we did a Ferrero Rocher Eating Challenge - who could eat the most in a minute - the winner did SIX! And in the raffle, I won a digital camera! Whoop whoop! I need one, too, because I kept dropping the last one and then it stopped working because apparently they don't like that.

But I know, I know. It's Friday. You're here for the frock.

Dress - ASOS
Cardigan & tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look
Bow - Pound City!
Fairy Wings - EBay

This dress is from ASOS and is actually a couple of years old now. Although it's a sundress, I realised last year that it was the perfect Mrs Claus ensemble (although as it's practically strapless, I don't recommend wearing it to work without a cardigan). It's SO CUTE.

Brilliantly, it has boning in it, so it manages to be flattering no matter how many mince pies I've eaten. Unfortunately, it has boning in it, so the edge of it sticks into my hips when I've eaten too many mince pies. Which is always. Win/Lose.

And I KNOW you're not thinking 'Um, what are you supposed to be, Sarah?' because it is of course OBVIOUS. I am a Christmas Fairy - that is, a fairy of Christmas, not a fairy who lives on the tree. OBVIOUSLY. (Yeah, no one at work got it, either...)

Now. Help me think of another excuse to wear this awesome bow. I think I'm wearing red to New Year's...



  1. best bow ever!! aww you look so christmasy :D

  2. Oh my god.

    So I just found your blog through Jennie's (sailboat) share the love post, and oh my god. Oh my actual god. You are my new favourite blog. EVER.

    I don't follow a lot of fashion blogs, because frankly I don't buy a whole ton of clothes. I say it's because I don't earn a lot, but it's more because I never think clothes look nice on me.

    I only discovered your blog 10 minutes ago and already you have MASSIVELY inspired me. You look to be around my sort of size (and I have calf troubles as well!) and it's amazing to see all these beautiful dresses on your lovely frame and thinking wow, that might actually look good on me.

    I wrote 546 Christmas cards at work this week for clients and have been feeling all scrooge-y after getting covered in glitter and nursing a truly crippled hand, but this post has just brought back my Christmas spirit with a vengeance.

    Thank you for writing such a perfect blog.

    Short version: NEW. FAVOURITE. BLOG.


  3. Love this, so much fun. I am always always attracted to hideous things on the sale rail, many a time I have come home with the most ridiculous purchase!x

  4. You look amazing! I so so so want a bow like that! <3 xoxo

  5. I would wear the bow ALL the time. We would have a great time shopping together, I love ugly stuff too x

  6. you look amaze! That dress is gorgeous on!

  7. Oh my god, I am also drawn to anything completely fabulous aka gaudy. This outfit is amazing and I think you should wear the bow on Christmas Eve, Day, Boxing Day and any other celebration coming up!

  8. Brilliant, I love it when you can find an excuse to justify completely unnecessary and impractical items!

    Penny x

  9. Awww, you look *adorable*! That sounds like the most awesome day at work ever! I wish we did stuff like that!

  10. bit mad, bit wonderful!


  11. How can people not get the fairy of Christmas? It's so obvious and you do it amazingly!

  12. Just discovered your blog through Jennie's - love your outfit in this picture and the bow is so cute! x

  13. You look fantastic! Love the bow. x

  14. Sarah, I think I love you. What an absolute cracker of an outfit (pun totally intended). I'd wear the bow all the bloody time if I had one - why save the fun stuff for Christmas?

  15. I love weird accessories too, it's like I'm a moth to their flame. This is such a cute bow!
    Love the outfit; fairies are awesome just like you!

  16. I'd wear the bow anywhere. Christmas Parties, New Year's Eve parties, shopping, the Gym, to's fantastic and deserves to be worn!

  17. Oh god you are too damn awesome for words.

  18. I ADORE this outfit! The bow! The wings! The dress (which I have also)! So cute and SO Christmassy.

    Incidentally, the boning stabbed me too. I snipped a teeny hole at the bottom of each boning panel and pulled the plastic bit out. The dress still looked boned because of the stitching, but there's no annoying plastic bit to stick into you! Win! x

  19. I just came across your blog and read this post, Im LOL right now because im thinking that's me I like the ugly things that go with nothing and probably dont suit me but they just seem to find there way home with me, but always months later they come in handy and eventual go with something!

    Love your blog

  20. You look incredible :)

    Just wanted to say I received my jewellery order and it is all absolutely gorgeous. I'm chuffed with it! Thank you for the really lovely card too - you're very talented! x

  21. Ha, love this! So glad I came across your blog! xo.

  22. Jen - that is the BEST advice! Seriously, by the end of Friday the boning had almost drawn blood!

  23. This is one of the many reasons why I love you and your blog! You look Christmassy but not tacky, yes despite the HUGE bow ;) I really think red suits you and you look F.A.B! :)

    Maria xxx


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