Friday 10 December 2010

Because friends don't waste wine when there's words to sell.

One of my pet peeves is when I read fashion articles that warn against being 'too matchy-matchy'. People, I am here to say WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING MATCHY-MATCHY? It's timeless, and you mark my words (MARK THEM) when all these clashing trends are over, ladylike matching is going to be back in vogue with a vengeance because it never goes out of style.

Of all the books I loved as a child, of all the films, the ones that I hold most dear are the ones with fantastic examples of matching. Mary Poppins - um, consider Jane's adorable matching coat and hat? The Ladybird classic 'The Party' - oh, that deserves a blog post all of its OWN.

So imagine my joy when I was digging through my wardrobe to find something to go with these red-wine hued cable knit tights (which I actually bought to go with this dress), and stumbled upon this little beauty (which you may recognise as being the sister of this dress).


(Thanks to a well-timed gust of wind, I feel like the soundtrack to this picture should be 'LAAA!' - there is a triumph to it. Also, my garden is surprisingly photogenic, I am impressed. I don't know how I survived with bare arms in December, mind you.)

But that's not all! This is one of those colours that I wouldn't think I had much of in my wardrobe, but it turns out I have lots - especially when it comes down to winterwear. I think the strict dual colour scheme of maroon and black is really rather chic.

Dress - New Look
Tights - Pretty Polly (from Wilkinsons!)
Coat - Primark
Hat - JC Penney's about a million years ago

I wore this outfit last Saturday to the Aussie Blogger's Market, although at the last minute I swapped the perfectly matching coat for a thicker, black one. Being matchy-matchy is all very well, but being cold is something else altogether.

Oh hey there silly face (I normally delete these ones - there are always tons - but hey, LET'S MIX THINGS UP.)


  1. You look absolutely beautiful!! Annnd I love the colour of your hair!!

    I always try to be a bit matchy I think it's cute :)


  2. i actually love that outfit to bits- i love matchy-matchy, and that's one of my favourite colours to wear.
    not to mention it suits you fantastically! xx

  3. I love to match! I absolutely love it when I discover two items of clothing in my wardrobe are exactly the same shade! I think I caught this off my mum who was brought up in turn by my grandma to believe you should *always* match. They both have a two colours maximum rule in their outfits.

    PS I love this outfit, and the last photo is my favourite!

  4. This is gorgeous, and matchy in the right way. Even though I am that believes in style, your own & doing what you like, rather than 'fashion' and trends, I'm not fussed on the- shoes, top and bag matching, really just yukky. This coat however is UH-MAZING & those tights are gorgeous. I love this colour at the moment.
    You look stunning hunny xx

  5. You look lovely Sarah! Matchy matchy totally works in your outfit, and that coat is just amazing. xx

  6. I love matchy matchy. You look amazing.

  7. I cannot agree more, I love to match! It's timeless. That outfit is gorgeous, btw.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I always match, its been drummed into me by my nan who believes that if you do not wear matching underwear you are worse than the devil! I hate even wearing gold and silver jewellery together!
    Those tights are a beauty and you look gorgeous! I love the outfit!


  9. love love love the colour, and the hat!!! awesome!!!

    Totally agree - match, mismatch, if its working for u then defo go with it!!!

    Loving FriFro...

    Have a great weekend :)

    S x x

  10. You look stunning & that outfit is gorgeous ♥ xoxo

  11. What a great outfit! You look fabulous :) x

  12. I love matchy-matchy! Your outfit is lovely, the colours really suit you.

    I've only just started reading your blog and I think it's fab :)

  13. I love the coat! A wonderful outfit :)


  14. I LIVE for matchy matching! It just makes everything look better, in my opinion.

    Everything about this outfit is stunning, such a gorgeous colour to have matched. Those are brilliant tights :D

    Lauren x

  15. matching colours make my horribly organised/ocd brain happy :) haha especially when it comes to fashion! I think its ok as long as you break it up with a couple of other items. Your hair is lovely btw, so long and the prettiest colour! you look super cute in the last picture :) xx

  16. Oh you're so lucky to have such good colouring. I think this shade is so beautiful but I just can't wear it - I look bizarrely sallow. I might get away with the tights though. Are they a recent purchase?

  17. Miss Pillsbury, eat your heart out! I love the matchy matchy, and am a travesty in the eyes of Vogue :)


  18. I just found this blog and I am in LOVE.

    That dress is utterly beautiful, in fact that whole outfit is utterly beautiful. I love matchy-matchy — One of my favourites outfits is a blue pair of tights with white dress, blue belt and blue flower in my hair with my blue coat and white shoes. It just works.

    Will be reading more soon :-)

    Amy x

  19. You look like one of my kind of people! I love classic elegance, too. Although I don't apply. but I will when I can. Lovely jewellery and I look forward to exploring your blog further.

  20. ahhhh the matchiness is amazing!!! absolutely love that colour, need more of it in my wardrobe! xxx

  21. This is such a cute outfit, I love how everythings the same colour!! I agree, matching items will definatly come back into fashion :)

  22. I love matching as well! although I do like clashing a bit and usually do, but I will match so many things yet still clash as confusing as that sounds. I'll have a deep purple jacket and wear a red beret with it and I 've been looking for the perfect red scarf to match with it but no luck :( love this post btw :)

  23. Nice to see someone flying the flag for matchy matchy :D
    those pics of you prove it is the way forward x


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