Thursday 30 December 2010

I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in it

It seems like every year, my friends and I have a discussion about what to do for New Year's. The conversation always starts out ambitious - such as renting a cottage in France. Then, as we start taking people's free time into account, France turns into rural England. Then, inevitably, we settle upon a party at someone's flat - which is exactly what we're doing this year.

During the research period, though, I stumbled across some amazing holiday rentals. And slowly but surely an obsession has been growing that one day WILL be realised... I want to have a party in a castle!! Or a manor house!! Or a mansion, even, I'm so not picky.


This one has a MOAT:

Yep, that's right, it is possible to rent out a castle or manor house as a holiday home. Isn't that amazing? I can't get over quite how much I want to do this. Granted, some of them cost about £9000 for a few night's rental, but between 20 odd people that's only like... okay, still more money than I'd like to spend, but I want to!

Actually, I've found some 20 bed properties that would cost under £100 if they were rented at full capacity, which is amazing. I'm starting to wish I was getting married just so I could force all my hens to spend a few days in an awesome house. Imagine running through the halls! I bet they'd have TAPESTRIES. And there would be GROUNDS. Actual acres! And maybe even STAFF.*

If there are any owners of pretty houses or castles or manors or mansions reading this, I will happily take pretty photos in exchange for being allowed to run riot through your home. Anyone? No? (But seriously, I read this article once about people who get to live in National Trust or English Heritage properties for next to nothing, and all they have to do is show people around sometimes and stop them being burgled. I WANT TO DO THIS. Seriously, does anyone know what I'm talking about because I've googled and no luck BOO.)

It's not something that's likely to happen this year, unless one of my friends has a rich uncle, unknown before now, who has gone off to Kenya or somewhere and requires a group of relatively responsible housesitters (please note – this happened once. It was amazing. It wasn't a mansion, but it had a lake!) but I am determined to see this obsession through to the end. I may not ever get to live in a huge house with gargoyles and ghosts, but with you lot as my witness, I will have a party in one.

*I would be awesome with staff. Kind, nice, well-paying and friendly, but above all happy. Because someone would be doing all my cleaning. All of it. And how could you be miserable when you don't have to clean?


  1. Spending new years on one of those houses would be amazing!
    My friends are the same as you we always say we are going to have such an extravagant night but it never comes off! My night out only got arranged last night! Talk about last minute! Going to an Indian near my house which is perfect for stumbling home after!

  2. Wowww, those houses are stunning! Look at the first one! Perfect :o
    Oh and that is my dream job too ;)

  3. You've just given me a great idea for my eventual hen party! :D I love renting out houses and making them your own for a week or so, we did it in Italy & Cornwall.

  4. You've just sparked an idea in my head that is very quickly going to become an obsession...

    Anyway. I hope you have a good party and a happy new year :)

  5. Lol, I agree that would be a wonderful way to spend NYE :) I remember spending the weekend in a Tudor House when I was younger, so beautiful! Deffo fond memories :) I also really want to do one of those murder mystery weekends in a huge manor ;) that would be soo much fun!

    Aysh xoxo

  6. I would love to go to one of those parties - such a brilliant idea.

    Actually, there is an author whose LJ blog I read who did something like this with a bunch of other authors. So instead of a party it was a writers' weekend in a castle. And as they were all mostly young new authors I'd imagine it can't have been too expensive.

  7. Imagine you got to live in a national trust listed house?! it would be like something out of 'arry potter! :D would love to spend new year in a house like this, my oh my that would be lovely xx


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