Wednesday 15 December 2010

Rag Doll, livin' in a movie.

I liked my dolls, as a child. Thinking back, I probably played with them for a bit longer than the rest of my friends, but I guess I was in no hurry to grow out of wanting to make up stories and have my dolls act them out. I never grew out of wanting to make up stories, actually.

My parents have never quite had their fingers on the pulse (my mum doesn't know who Beyonce is! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?) and so if I ever wanted a particular toy for Christmas or my birthday, dropping hints or staring openmouthed every time the advert came on TV wouldn't work. But my Granny was fantastic at noticing those things, and that's how I got Crystal - a Moondreamer. Basically the coolest doll ever - plus, minus the crazy unrealistic proportions of a Barbie. And her hair glowed in the dark. AMAZING.

Crystal was the boss of all the other dolls, but one day she was having a fight with a teddy bear and lost her arm. But it was okay - it just made her cooler. I found Crystal again a couple of years ago - a tad bedraggled, arm still missing, pink hair bleached to white and missing her futuristic outfit (those shoulder details are so on trend!). And I wanted to do something about that. A sort of life after death for lost toys.

So. The best way to tackle the madness that was her hair was to take a needle and thread to it - I sewed it down into a neat bun, and attached beads around the front.

I gradually sourced the various bits and bobs I needed from eBay - there are people in Japan with too much time on their hands who make costumes for Barbie dolls - therefore wings, sorted - chopped a Barbie fairy dress down and jammed her feet into some amazing gold cowboy boots, and I was just about there.

And there you have her. Crystal, reincarnated as my very own customised Christmas Angel.

Yes, she only has one arm and yes, there are little pen marks all over her face but I don't care. I LOVE this idea. I love the fact that such an important part of my childhood will live on forever.



  1. That is SUCH a cute idea! I love how special and personal it is. You did a great job sprucing her up :) Oh, and I most definitely played with my dolls longer than anybody else I knew! :p

  2. That's a fantastic idea! I still have a few dolls that are looking slightly worse for wear — I hope you don't mind that I'm SO going to copy your idea.

  3. You are a genius! I had a kewpie doll for years - someone got it in Japan...I wonder where it is? She could become my fairy. At the moment I have an angel called Claire (how apt) on the top of the tree.

    Drop by my blog & dress me as well this week

  4. h my god that's actually amazing! Her wings look ace and so does her hair. Definitely one of the prettiest angel's I've ever seen on top of a tree!

  5. Absolutely incredible! I fear if I even tried to do this it would end up being creepy - yours looks so cute, and proper nostalgic!


  6. Lol this reminds me of Old Bear! So emotional! And omg thank you for reminding me of the Moondreamers! I had like 50 videos of this when i was little but i couldnt for the life of me remember what they were called! Memories!

  7. what a wonderful, creative idea! it reminds me of making patchwork - taking things past their usefulness that you love and making something new that's useful that's also sentimental. I would love to do that with my doll but to be brutally honest, even if she wasn't enormous i'm not sure she can be saved so nicely!

  8. Ive never heard of moondreamers. i was extremely into barbies as a kid and still have them in the loft. I cant bear to throw them away even if they do look a little worse for wear! This is such a good idea to recycle childhood favourites! She looks fantastic sitting on the top of a tree!

  9. this is brilliant!

  10. Aw Sarah, that is SO cute. What a sweet idea.

  11. Umm possibly THE coolest thing I've seen this christmas!! I love this idea so much you clever thing! x

  12. Ahhh this story just got better and better as I read on! :) I love what youve done with her! I think that's a very cute reincarnation and she is defo being put to good use :p I wonder what treasures of mine are still up in my gran and papa's loft. xx

  13. This is a lovely story, what a beautiful nostalgic item. Please never part with her, she is stunning and your little work on her has paid off x

  14. Awww, that's so sweet, such a lovely story! I was big into barbies, and those dolls that turned into cupcakes? Anyone remember those?!


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