Friday 29 April 2011

There's no colour and no sound in the black and white town.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a dress in New Look. All by itself, nothing similar to be found, in my size. I tried it on, and it looked great. The only problem was that it was Wednesday... and payday wasn't until Friday. So I did what anyone else would surely do in that situation - I hid it. I found a rail of maxi dresses and buried my perfect dress in the middle of it. On Thursday, the dress was still there, but on Friday, when I returned, flexing my debit card, it had gone.

I'm amazed no one asked if I was okay as I tore around the shop, scouring every rail, with a look on my face somewhere between rage, anguish and desperation. And then I found it. A whole rail of them, in fact. Mission accomplished.

So it was gratifying, then, when I wore this fabulous, perfect dress out, that it wasn't a letdown in the slightest. I felt nice in it. I got complimented. The stars had aligned to create the perfect dress. It even looks just as great with a belt as without. I think it might be my new favourite (sssh... don't tell the other 28).

Dress, bag & tights - New Look
Necklace - Topshop
Shoeboots - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - H&M
Nail Polish - Top Turquoise by Model's Own

I also picked up a new bag in the New Look sale for the bargain price of £7. My work bag is falling to bits, and while it's not perfect, for £7, it'll happily do for now.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Bank Holiday - what did we all think of Kate's dress, hmmmm?



  1. LOVE your dress, looks gorgeous and glad you managed to find it again after the agony of having to hide it.

    Loved Kate's dress- perfection.

  2. It's a lovely dress, and looks brilliant on you!

  3. that dress looks great on you!

  4. You remind me of Audrey Hepburn in these.

  5. Kate looked INCREDIBLE.
    Like, really amazing.
    And I want to marry Prince Harry.

    This dress is gorgeous and very you :)

  6. I hide things and come back for it later too!

    That's a great dress x

  7. Oh Sarah that looks stunning on you. Honestly, the shape of it is amazing.

  8. ooo the dress is lush m'dear...although the shoes definitely steal the show for me- they're stunners!
    I thought kate's dress was incredible....absolutely stunning - regal without being ott. x

  9. it's lovely, a true classic. i love how you hid it!

  10. Love the dress, I always hid things haha especially in Primark where the turn around is so quick!
    Kates dress was breathtaking!

  11. That dress is beautiful, I love the collar. So glad you found it again!

  12. looks great on you and really suits your shape :)
    shel xx

  13. You look lovely, the collar is super cute and I love your shoes and belt :)

    Maria xxx

  14. This might sound weird but I love your teeth. x hivenn

  15. Ive got this dress , I love it ! You look lovely in it :)xx

  16. I love that dress! It really suits you :)

    I sometimes hide stuff if I need to go draw more money out haha. I feel like an idiot doing it but it's just my luck someone else would pick it up!


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