Friday 1 April 2011

With a cool cool breeze and dirty knees, I rest on childhood memories.

This is the only dress in my wardrobe that's in there twice. I wore it the one and only time I ever got fake tanned, and then realised there were weird pale orange blobs all over it (even though I wore it the next day! Surely that is not meant to happen!). Ruined. Thanks to eBay, I found it again. For a fiver. Hurrah. And I never wore fake tan again. Not because of the dress, but because it simply isn't ME. I'm not meant to go that colour!

Anyway, this dress isn't quite as nice as version 1 - version 1 has netting in the skirt so it goes super poofy. I'm planning to see if I can dye it at some point - maybe blue? Blue and black checks would be cool. I already have a blue and black checked dress, but I can have two. That'd be okay.

I wore this on Tuesday for a pleasant day of wandering round London with an old friend - we did the V&A, the Natural History Museum - even a Jack The Ripper walk. Let me tell you, don't do a Jack The Ripper walk when you've parked 15 minutes walk from the station in a deserted road and have to walk back at 11pm with a dying mobile phone battery. It's not a good idea. TERRIFIED.

Dress - H&M
Belt - New Look
Nails - Parlez Vous OPI?
Necklace - Topshop, sort of
Invisible Boots - New Look
Tights - Somewhere. How am I meant to know when no one ever puts labels in tights? It would be USEFUL.

If you've noticed something a little different in the last few pics, you'd be right - I've had my hair cut, but also? It's not red any more (no matter what the last picture in this post looks like - I wish my hair was the colour my camera thought it was, seriously). I had a bit of a mishap with some hairdye - yeah, when Live Colour SAY that Hot Cinnamon is in their Reds collection, they would be LYING. It went DARKEST brown. Luckily, lots of hair-washing has made it go a little redder, but it's still nowhere near as bright as before. I miss being a redhead. :(

Finally, an outtake. I don't know WHY I was doing the pufferfish face, but there it is. I know, I should pull this face in all photographs, right?



  1. I love this dress! Perhaps one of my favourite dresses of yours! & the last photo is gorgeous, haha. More pufferfish please!

  2. The last photo is possibly the sexiest face I've ever seen in your #frifro pics.

  3. haha that should be your wamk polaroid photo xx

  4. AHHHH you look lovely! I have this dress.... it looks much better on you tho!


  5. Aw I love that dress! It's so pretty:) I had red hair for maybe three months, but then I went into the swimming pool and had to wash out the chlorine, and so the almost all the red went out too. Now it's just a little bit red :/

    I found your blog today, and I really like it!

  6. i love how you added the belt. it adds a nice touch to the dress.


  7. Loving the dress, I think it would look really nice in a royal blue with the black checks.

    Wish I was brave enough to dye my hair and experiment with the colour, I'm always so envious of the colour and condition of you and some of the other red haired lovelies.

  8. I love Jack the Ripper! I was born in Whitechapel so it's all the more interesting for me. Ahhh fake tan mishap! I currently have darker ankles than the rest of me and am going for round #2 tonight! Tan just makes me feel a bit slimmer but most of the time it's not worth the upkeep! I love gingham, reminds me of primary school, glad you managed to find another! xx

  9. beautiful dress <3
    love your necklace!
    Rosie xo

  10. the pufferfish face is sexy. definitely needs to be a regular :P
    i have to say I only recently bought two of one thing, and boy did it feel good [in different colours]. Though I'm sure I'd be thinking differently if one had been marked...this is why fake tan is a bad idea- that and that PALESKINRULES. innit.

  11. Love the dress, it's really pretty on you :D x

  12. I've contemplated buying things twice when I really love them..never actually done it though, so go you! I've also had the same problem with hair dye before turning my hair black, which is why I haven't done it in so long, why do the boxes lie?!! Anyway, your hair looks great so don't you worry! x

  13. Love that last photo!

    The dress is so pretty, but the Jack the Ripper walk sounds so scary! Dont think I could manage that without nightmares!

  14. Had the exact same problem with Hot Cinnamon by Live Colour, siiigh. :( It seems to lessen/get redder after a few weeks, but it always look dark burgundy after I re-do it and it's mortifying, boo. All this because stupid Superdrug went and discontinued their amazing Warm Intense Red colour. I feel your pain!

  15. hah that last face makes me giggle, my sis and i used to do this face to each other following seeing finding nemo and for some reason both foudn it hilarious - she was 9, i had no excuse..

  16. I have this dress too! I love it because it's so easy to wear. Really comfy too.

  17. Your hair looks lovely like this! My buns are always little peas on my head - stupid fine hair!

  18. You and I can be pale and interesting together :) I love the check print and I do love your hair but I do miss the red :)

    Maria xxx


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