Tuesday 27 September 2011

Cold wind blowing in the middle of the night.

As soon as the weather starts to turn brisk, I always add to my bag essentials. A hat, of course (not just for warmth – it keeps the fringe flat on windy days and keeps the hair dry and frizz-free in the rain – I quite often have one on hand in the summer too!) and gloves, but the most important addition is a scarf.

Ever since pashmina-style scarves became so readily available, I’ve pretty much abandoned the humble knitted scarf – apart from when it snows! They’re so much more versatile for our changeable weather, ideal to wear with a light jacket during the annoying in-between summer and autumn period – I quite often put mine on at work when the air conditioning is particularly overpowering. Plus, they’re pretty, stylish and come in so many different colours, I can’t stop buying them.

I was just about ready to start raiding my winter storage suitcase for a scarf when Moodys got in touch and offered to send me this fashion scarf. It was perfect - I’ve hardly taken it off since. It’s super soft and light, but long enough to wrap around twice for extra warmth. And it’s pretty. 

Every year, I go mad buying hats as soon as Autumn starts – this year, I think I might transfer my hat addiction to scarves. There are tons of lovely ones on the Moodys website, I'm utterly spoilt for choice. Friday Frocks has been going for a while... maybe it's time for Scarves on Sunday. Anyone? :)

Scarf - Moody's
Jacket & Boots - Primark
Hat - New Look


  1. I agree with the scarf thing (knitted ones make my neck itchy) and yours is lovely xx

  2. I love scarfs too, they can really jazz up an outfit and I agree that you can never have too many. Yours is so pretty, I love the colours.

  3. PLEASE tell me what colour that is on your hair. I have the envy!

  4. Gorgeous scarf! I'm a bit addicted to buying them too, can never have enough! x

  5. Ooh I love your boots, good hight heel too.


  6. The scarf is gorgeous!
    I wish I could wear hats but seriously there is not a hat in the world that suits me, and they give me a headache D:
    I love your boots!


  7. That hat and scarf are so nice. I have a scarf addiction too but I never go around buying them because I always buy other things but this year I"ll make sure to buy tons of scarves haha. Great blog!
    Farrah's Muse

  8. Oh these photos are gorgeous Sarah! I love pashmina type scarves too, they're perfect because they don't get too warm but they are still snuggly.

  9. I realised the other day just how many scarves I have and how little I actually wear them. Perhaps a scarf challenge is in order!

  10. Those photos of you are absolutely beautiful! You've got massive eyes! I love your hair colour too x

  11. i think a scarf challenge is definitely needed - i have so many, and i forget about them!

  12. I love this post and the photos are just beautiful. You look utterly gorgeous.

    I can't leave the house without a scarf in my bag, if not to cover me up they're great for draping over dirty beer garden seats.

  13. You are a pretty lady aren't you! :) Gorgeous hair colour.
    Love that scarf, I'm addicted to them, always have a scarf in my bag, round my neck, tied on bag.

  14. Aww I love the scrf you picked, and these photos are gorgeous - what a lovely spot to take photos in!

  15. That scarf is gorgeous - grey shades are my favourite :)

    I have a rather ridiculous amount of scarves - really should dig them all out & actually wear them this year!



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