Friday 30 September 2011

See them running around, changing the rain.

Well, today's post really didn't want to happen. First of all, it got to Wednesday and I had no clue what dress to do - and I had plans Thursday and Friday evening. Then, I left work late, so had to rush to get my photographs done in dusk. I took about five photos, half of which were blurry and then... my battery ran out. Ahhhh.

Luckily, zapping my battery for five minutes was enough and I ran back outside to take them in near darkness, hence the graininess of a couple of these.


I do adore this dress. I found it in Debenhams a few weeks ago, nestling in one of the sale rails. It's just perfect. The colours are so vibrant and pretty, and it fits like a dream. The waist is super tight, but in a good way - it really pulls me in and, coupled with the full skirt, makes me feel much skinnier than I am. I'm dying for some summer weddings to wear it to - or christenings! My sister is due any day now. She could be giving birth RIGHT NOW. It seemed apt to wear it now - this week is our last taste of summer for the year, I think. Bearing in mind that just earlier this week I was blogging about hats and scarves - this sunshine can't last!

This isn't actually a REAL outfit though. It's a reconstruction of an outfit. I really struggled for inspiration of what to feature this week, and all I could think about is how much I wished I'd photographed the dress I wore on the Friday of LFW. Plus, my hair looked really good that day. Tragedy. So in the end, I recreated the outfit for this post, because it is a nice outfit. And I added a hat. Because it's a very nice hat (I went into the River Island sale a while back, all prepared to buy this, but instead came out with the perfect boater. It fits so well.

I've got the first of many 30th birthday parties this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have a sore head on Sunday! But I'll be back next Friday with a super duper, extra special Friday Frocks. It's a big 'un.


  1. This dress looks so fab against your hair !

  2. Lovely dress, perfect for this sunny weather! x

  3. In your other post when you said that you are going to turn 30 soon my mouth literally dropped. I thought you were like 22 or something wow, your genes are definitely on your side! Wow haha, anyway that's a great outfit especially with your hair color!
    Farrah's Muse

  4. I absolutely love the print, the colors are amazing.

  5. Gorgeous dress - the colours look amazing against your hair. x

  6. That dress and that hair = perfection.

  7. gorgeous dress! it really looks lovely on you.


  8. That is a gorgeous dress! It really suits you, bring on the christenings!

  9. Gorgeous dress and that is such a cute hat. x

  10. this dress is gorgeous and the style suits you perfectly. the hat is a very pretty addition that works so well with the dress.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, one of my favourite outfits of yours :)

    Maria xxx

  12. you look really lovely in this dress! :D


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