Friday 9 September 2011

You could be my unintended.

I never really wanted this dress. I actually only bought it because I wanted this dress and sale items at the time were buy one get one free. I'm glad I DID buy it, though, because it taught me a neat little trick.

When I tried this on I was disappointed at how shapeless it was, even when I tied the waist-tie as tight as I could. But because the waist is so high, it really wouldn't work with a belt. So I tried something to give the dress more of a defined waist...

Step 1: Look for waist.

Step 2: Nope, I can't find it either.

Step 3: Undo ties and pull out, taut to the side.

Step 4: Cross waist ties over in front of you.

Step 5: Make sure ties lie flat against your body.

Step 6: Pull towards the back and tie in a knot or bow if you have enough.

TA DA! Hello, waist.

Doesn't it look so much better? I use this a lot now - with the pineapple dress I posted the other week and with both DP dresses I wore on my birthday - it's such an easy way to improve the fit of a dress.

I wore this to work yesterday - it's been so miserable all week that I've found myself straight back into my winter clothes - oh, black tights, I have to admit I've missed you. Also, hence the indoor shot - it's taken a lot of experimenting but I've finally found somewhere in my new room to stand for outfit shots. Sloped ceilings = pretty, but annoying!

For the first time in ages I've got a quiet weekend ahead of me and it's blissful. I've loved my busy summer but I've felt seriously sleep deprived lately! I'm seeing my sister tomorrow night and we're going to get comfy and watch the X-Factor. I can even keep up my planned body detox - she's about 4 weeks from giving birth so there'll be no booze for us! What does your weekend have in store?

Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Topshop
(all old)

Last but not least, I need to announce the winners of my Burlington Socks giveaway! They are...

Christina from A Sense Sublime

Elizabeth from Bette on Toast
Katie from Sugarpatch

Congratulations ladies! I'll be in touch...


  1. HELLO waist! You look gorgeous x

  2. You look stunning! I love the owl bag in the background as well - had to mention him, he looks cute :)

  3. What a great trick! I usually avoid certain dresses for the problem of them giving me no waist, but hey presto, you've come up with a great solution....totally heading off to give it a whirl.

  4. Oooh this dress looks gorgeous, I love the print and it looks fab with the pop of red! :) xx

  5. Fab dress, and it really does look even better pulled in at the waist. :) xo

  6. I'm another girly who has reverted to winter, the weather is depressing me

  7. Very cute dress, I like the black and white bow pattern, I do something similar with dresses with long ties.


  8. wow, neat little trick! you've got a tiny little waist, definitely worth showing off! thanks for this tip!

  9. It's a lovely dress, and looks even better when you're able to pull it in at the waist! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Good thinking with the dress, looks much better! Enjoy your weekend! x

  11. Hello waist! What a good trick! X

  12. The print on that dress is gorgeous, you look beautiful. You are so right, sometimes quiet weekends are the loveliest <3

  13. Great trick. I love that dress, I'm a sucker for bows.
    You look ace, your waist is itty bitty.

  14. You look gorgeous, I do this ALL the time with dresses, I have a thing about defining my waist, Gok has got nothing on me!!

    Maria xxx

  15. I love these photos - you look beautiful, and the pattern of the dress is so pretty. The waist looks excellent the way you've tied it as well - I hate shapeless clothes so much (says she currently slobbing around in an oversized jumper!)

  16. Love that dress. You look gorgeous!

  17. You look so pretty here. I love your new photo spot!


  18. 1000 x better. Looks awesome xx

  19. Such a great tip - will definitely be trying this out! x

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