Friday 2 September 2011

Happy days, we thought that they would never end. Here's to absent friends.

Back when I was a wee nipper of a blogger, I didn’t have all that many dresses. Ten, maybe. My collection grew slowly but surely, thanks to stalking sale bargains (and a dash of Primark). One of the first non-party dresses I got was this one – which is probably why I haven’t worn it in nearly a year, I just forget about it. That, and the ridiculously full wrap skirt – it is hell and a half to iron. It’s cute though, right? I last wore it to a work BBQ that was Wild West themed – along with a cowboy hat and pigtails, I fit right in with the line dancing.

Last weekend though, I pulled it out again, thinking it would take me nicely from day to night - I was off to an all weekend party to mark the occasion of my friend Jo going travelling for a year (at least - SOB). I knew I needed something comfortable because...


I snapped some pictures quickly before I left home, and I'm glad I did - the pictures from the weekend are funny, but the leggings I pulled on to allow me to spend the ENTIRE afternoon on the bouncy castle don't really show off the dress to its best advantage. And I'm ridiculously attached to my dresses, if you hadn't noticed, so much so that if I feel like I haven't blogged one to its full potential, I feel bad for it.

Dress - Warehouse
Top (worn underneath) & Wedges - Primark
Necklace - Accessorize
Nails - OPI "Teal The Cows Come Home" & "Absolutely Alice"

Damn, my hair looks bright in these photos (I'd dyed it the night before)!

It was such a lovely weekend. Eating yummy BBQ food, drinking Pimms (with Cava!), playing croquet and bouncing the day away - heaven. Although, I seriously don't know how little kids do it -  my legs hurt for DAYS after a session on the bouncy castle. Hopefully that means it's good exercise!

No, I didn't win - I was just happy to get my croquet ball through the hoop!

Watching the rain come closer...

We spent Sunday morning lying on the castle, drinking sangria and gently dozing in the sunshine, trying to prolong the weekend before we went our separate ways, thinking sadly of absent friends.



  1. OMG. BOUNCY CASTLE!!!!! Literally the most fun thing ever. x

  2. I had a necklace identical to yours I brought from claires accessories when I was younger and I literally wore it every day for about four or five years :) I loved that necklace, but had forgoten about it until just now! X x

  3. That necklace is amazing! I feel bad for clothes if I don't photograph them properly too :P

    Maria xxx

  4. Sounds like the most lovely weekend!

    I really love the dress too, very cute!

  5. It looks like such a fun weekend, I love bouncy castles!! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. You have the most beautiful dresses Sarah (: May I borrow your dress shopping services one day so I can expand my collection too?! LOVE the photo of the approaching rain too. xx

  7. One of besties is have a bouncy castle at her birthday bbq next week, so excited

  8. wow, what a banging weekend. As beautiful as your dress looks, it's the photo of the double rainbow that's my fave... where exactly was that taken? looks amazing, glad you had a good one!

  9. Sounds like such an awesome weekend, I love bouncy castles, anything that bounces really but yes as you get older you really feel it haha. I love, love, LOVE your dress. I really love any blue plaid patterns.


  10. I love bouncy castles! Sounds like you had a great time!
    That photo of the rain coming in is amazing! :) x

  11. Your hair looks like it has got really long. The brightness is amazing!
    I haven't been on a bouncy castle in years!

  12. your hair looks amazing! you really suit it, reminds me of elsa billgren a little.

  13. Wow the bouncy castle looks so fun! That dress is really cute too! x

  14. That looks a marvellous weekend! Also I used to have that dress. I charity-shop-ified it, eventually. It definitely never looked as nice on me as it does on you!

  15. Such a cute dress and omg that BBQ looks fun. I think you should organise a bloggers event like this complete with BBQ :)

  16. you look incredible! love your blog :) xx

  17. Your outfit photos are always so.. enchanting. Love these.

    Helen, X


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