Wednesday 20 June 2012

Been asleep, pricked my finger, fell too deep.





I don't know how much I've mentioned it here, but I'm moving soon. I moved back home with my parents for a month or two last year to save some money, and that month or two turned into, er, twelve months. I am assured this is common, but with the end of my twenties looming, it's just so hideously uncool living with your mum and dad, right?

The blow of living back at home is softened by having a bedroom that I really love (plus the knowledge that almost everything in the bedroom is mine, so I can bring it with me when I leave) which is very important to me. I'm kind of insular in a lot of ways, and I need my own little safe haven that I can hide away in for blogging, tweeting, drawing, reading, nail-painting and, duh, sleeping. So I love that even though I am only here temporarily, this bedroom feels like MINE. Everyone always says it's very me, and I think it is - sort of messy, but interesting. Sha always says my room must be like a treasure trove to my nieces and nephews - so many nooks and crannies to look into and little things to pick up and shiny things on show and delicate, breakable objects. That's how I like it - a delicate balance of prettyness and scruffiness.

I love other people's bedrooms too - I adore blog posts that give a nose into someone's home, because I am a phenomenally nosy person (I am surely not the only person who gets obsessed with houses in the local neighbourhood and sort of wants to sneak into them and have a look around, right?). So if you want to show off your rooms on your blogs, that is totally fine with me.

It is also totally fine with Lay-ezee, who are doing a competition right now to find the Best of British Bedrooms. You can submit photos of your bedroom via Facebook and Twitter, and win high street and online vouchers. You still have a couple of weeks to enter as it ends on 20th July. Combining a love of your room with vouchers to stock up your wardrobe? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, to be honest.

Written in collaboration with Lay-ezee.


  1. Wow! the carriage bed is amazing

  2. I would like a carriage bed now please!

  3. I do love your room photos =)
    I have just moved back to my parents' house and, as lovely and safe as it feels, I am really coveting a place of my own again some time in the not too distant future!

  4. I want the bed that looks like a dress! I love my bedroom, lots of space and plenty of knick knacks on show and artful clutter !

    Maria xxx


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