Friday 8 June 2012

Take it in your stride but don't string me along.

I feel like I have become one of those people who talks about the weather ALL THE TIME. But could it just decide what it's doing, please? And could it decide to STOP FLIPPING RAINING? I am sick of it. I mean, ridiculously hot was no fun either when trying to get to sleep, but rain is worse. BOO TO RAIN. Basically.

So the rain, the bloody rain, is what sees me wearing opaque tights and warm boots in JUNE. Sort it out, June.

I will still wear dresses, though, come rain or shine. This dress is another New Look bargain, and although a couple of people said it looked nice when I wore it to work the other day, I feel a bit unenthused by it. It is okay, but it kind of reminds me of this dress, and I like that dress better. Also, it has white, rather than black lining, which is one of those things you wouldn't think is unusual until you get a dress with white lining and then, yeah, you get it.

Dress - New Look
Umbrella - Lulu Guinness
Boots - Primark
Necklace - Hatfield House
Nails - OPI Big Apple Red & nail art pens

But anyway. At least my umbrella matches. And my nails look good. (And were surprisingly easy to do!)

This weekend I am off to a hen do - you know how I go to weddings ALL THE FLIPPING TIME? Yeah, I've got another two to go this year. I am a serial guest. *scary eyes*


  1. I loooooove your dress; it's gorgeous! I've yet to be initiated into the world of white dress linings.. ah well; there's time yet! I think your ring is really pretty too :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. I adore your brollie and your nails. I haven't discovered th world of white dress linings yet but the dress is lovely!

  3. Looking good!

  4. I'd say I spent about 72.5% of my day talking about the weather. Ah well. Love your dress, and I so hear you with the lining issue. Dress lining is the bane of my life! Also, how great is that umbrella?! Mine died a painful death (whacked me in the head just before...!) this morning. xx

  5. Cute dress! :)


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  6. I am so in love with your brolly!

  7. Loving the monochrome! Your nails look amazing too.

  8. I love your umbrella and I actually love the dress too but i know what you mean about being unenthused by something!

    Maria xxx

  9. Oh I agree about the weather, it's really annoying me - I had just put my jackets away, but NOO.

    Anyway. I really like that dress. Lovely nails too! x

  10. I am unenthused by this dress but it might just be your unenthusment rubbing off on me because you actually look cute. It's a nice fit!


  11. I really like that dress an you loook lovely in these pics !x

  12. I like the dress okay, but I want to take that umbrella out for a candle lit dinner. x

  13. Your nails are so cute! Are they really easy to do? Did you follow a tutorial from somewhere? I'd love to have a go at doing mine like that

  14. Oooh, move to Scotland then you'll fit right in! Glasgow is super rainly, always has been/always will be, but we love to discuss it endlessly nonetheless! xx PS Fab dress.


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