Saturday 23 June 2012

I put on my marchin' boots.

I was intending on starting this post with a polite way to describe my feet, and the honest way. But the truth is I cannot think of a sexy word that means broad, so I'll just have to skip to the honesty part - my feet are broad. And short. Much like Henry VIII, they are almost as long as they are wide, and shoes do not really fit them properly.

My mum has the same feet and wears incredibly sensible shoes... that I would not be seen dead in. Sure, her feet are supported and happy, but are they PRETTY? Sorry mum, but no. But I've discovered that Viva La Diva actually have a really lovely range of shoes suitable for the plates at the end of my legs, so maybe, just maybe, I can have practicality and prettiness. So maybe I need to change my ways - no more cheap shoes that don't really fit! It's Summer, and time for designer shoes made especially in wide fit ranges.

Look at the pretties!

Or hell, maybe I'll be a little bit reckless and risk Irregular Choice. They're pretty sensible, right? (Yeah, I'll never change.)

Written in collaboration with Viva La Diva but gosh, I love shoes anyway.


  1. I have broad feet aswell and it's a right bugger trying to find comfy shoes xxx

  2. I have broad feet too, it's annoying! I would definitely go with reckless, Irregular Choice shoes are beautiful! x
    Sirens and Bells


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