Friday 29 June 2012

Postcard of a painting.

Lately, I've completely abandoned straightening my hair. Funnily enough, it's the fault of my new straighteners! They do such a quick, speedy job at curling my hair that faffing around trying to remove every kink just isn't worth the hassle. But last weekend, I felt the urge. I haven't had a haircut since February, and my hair has been creeping longer and longer, and I was struck with the urge to see just how long it was. Turns out - long. But not any longer than it's been before, to my slight disappointment. Oh well. It still looks super shiny and healthy, though - obviously giving it a break from the straighteners is helping it (but I'm still curling it, so... oh, let's not fuss with logic).

Dress - New Look
Shoes - H&M
Necklace - Topshop
Cherry Blossom Nails - Tutorial Coming Soon!

It wasn't that warm at the weekend, but I was feeling stubborn. I've had this sundress languishing in my wardrobe for a while now, and even though the weather was unpredictable on Saturday, I put my foot down. "NO!" I said. "I don't care if it would be more sensible to wear opaque tights today! NO! I AM WEARING MY DRESS WITH THE POSTCARDS ON IT BECAUSE IT IS JUNE AND IT IS SUMMER.' I didn't actually say that TO anyone, but I felt that the weather admired my spirit. Because it then went and turned really flipping warm! You. Are. Welcome.

Life moves apace, this week. Obviously, moving - I am finally striking out on my own! With two other people, so, okay, not technically on my own. Turns out, moving house is FLIPPING EXPENSIVE. But I am consoling myself with the fact that I will not have to produce a giant rental deposit again, hopefully. I am also tempted to just never move again because giant financial impact aside, there's all that packing to do. Which I will start. Later. Probably.

Anyway! What's new with YOU?



  1. I love that postcard print dress, it looks lovely on you and your hair. WHat can I say, other than you are looking beautiful, Miss V! x

  2. Sarah, you have the most picturesque garden ever! In love with your dress, the print is so nice, I have a 'thing' for clothing covered in prints... Best of luck with the move too! I'm not planning on moving in a long, long time. Packing is not my forte. xx

  3. I have this dress. It's been sat in my wardrobe for weks and I finally wore it on Wednesday, but I gave into the crap weather and wore it with navy leggings. Hope packing goes well. xx

  4. Gorgeous dress, the weathers really annoying at the moment, thundering and lightening one minute and boiling the next, no idea what to wear! I'm moving aswell next week, will be spending everyday till then packing, probably as slowly as humanly possible xxx

  5. I love that dress. I held out for it to appear in the sales and when it did there was none in my size, booo

  6. I finally had my hair cut and coloured yesterday after managing to go from December- oops, didn't mean to let it go that long!

    That is such a lovely dress! As ever I totally want to steal your wardrobe!

    Florrie x

  7. What a stunning dress! Love the pattern - it's so cute!

    PS thanks for the weather!

  8. This dress is beautiful!

  9. Good luck with moving, I hated packing and I'm planing never to move again too, I have TOO MUCH STUFF! Love this dress, the print is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  10. Moving is so expensive! I moved out of home not long ago, and all my careful maths about exactly how much rent I could pay a month were slightly scuppered by the whopping great deposit and admin fee and holding fee and whatever else my letting agent found to charge me for!


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