Friday 22 June 2012

Dance, dance, and these are the lives you'd love to lead.

Dress c/o Tesco
Belt - Primark
Wedges - Matalan
Rings - Topshop
Necklace - Gift
Nails - Models Own Slate Green

YAY FOR TESCO! They are ruling the dress market at the moment, RULING, I SAY. It gives me crazy happy feelings to wear a bargain £25 dress to a posh event (i.e. a wedding) rather than a pricey, dry clean only job. This dress is kind of perfect. It's a great fit, a lovely length, and I adore the print. I'm sad to say it's already disappeared from the website, but you may still be able to get it in store - and if you can, snap it up. IT IS LOVELY.

One but - the skirt is a little too full, and I flashed people about sixty times. The beehive came out okay, but I always get to this point where I'm mid backcombing where I totally forget what I'm doing and just look like a crazy person with giant frizzy hair. Hence the flowers in the back - hiding a multitude of frizzy sins. I did have a disaster though when I realised my neck was covered in hairdye from the night before - thank god for mums, and baby wipes.

So, yes, another wedding. Even I feel like I'm going to them constantly at the moment, even I've actually only had three this year. It feels like more! But I'm not complaining, as I totally heart weddings. I think I say that in every wedding-related post. But it's an excuse to wear pretty dresses! And sometimes giant false eyelashes! What's not to love?

This time was my old friend Gemma, who I worked with in my temping days. As much as I enjoy having a job that challenges and fulfils me and successfully pays all of my bills, there is a part of me that misses rocking up at work after five or six hours sleep and getting along just fine because I was using so little of my brain capacity. That was a FUN year. I loved her dress, a cute little number from Coast. I loved her theme, too - I'd never have thought of green and yellow together, but it works perfectly. So summery!

 It was a wonderful wedding - so much yummy food and god knows I love a chance to dance the night away. Just give me an excuse, seriously.



  1. This dress is stunning girlie :) The colours are amazing, pretty girl x

  2. The reception room is Beautiful! Where was it? X

  3. Love this on you! So pretty and I love those colours :-)

  4. I love your dress :) and it looks like a lovely wedding! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I adore that dress! It looks gorgeous on you! Also loving the matching nails and eyes =]

  6. Ooh this is def my fave dress on here, you look great, awesome find! :)

  7. Cute dress, lovely. *immediately runs off to Tesco*

    and looks like a smashing wedding was had too. hoorah!

  8. Ahh I am so jealous! I didn't manage to get that dress before it sold out online and it is sadly missing at my local store D=

    I'm so happy for you that you got it though, it's just your style :)

    Florrie x

  9. This dress is lovely on you, I adore a full skirt! Also I LOVE the illustration gif you have put up, I may have to get another one! ;)

    Maria xxx

  10. I love how well co-ordinated you are from your nail varnish to your eyeliner!


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